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10 Simple Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

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10 Simple Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings, even though unliked by many people, can be truly romantic and beautiful. Cozy fireplaces, sparkling snow, and the magical feeling of a winter wonderland are just several reasons why some couples prefer winter weddings.

When planning a winter wedding, however, there are many things to pay attention to, a lot more opposed to a summer wedding. Due to the reason such weddings are held during darker months, there is a shortlist of potential issues. But, don’t panic! The problems that surround winter weddings are really not that big, and with the right preparations beforehand, they are totally avoidable. 

So, we dedicate this article to you - the worried brides who are about to have a spectacular winter wedding. We have gathered 10 simple tips to ensure that your most special day goes off without a hitch, despite the weather conditions. 

#1 Choose a Venue That Enables Winter Atmosphere

First and foremost, the venue.

Unlike summer weddings, where the couples do not have to worry about other things than the look of the venue itself, the couples who get married during winter have to be very careful about the venue they choose. Although the looks are important, when it comes to winter weddings, the look of the venue is the smallest problem on the list. 

Before you and your partner go on a lookout for the perfect venue for your wedding day, talk about the expectations of the overall theme. There are plenty of winter elements and winter wedding colors you can embrace in order to have a beautiful ceremony. If you prefer something rustic, consider a nearby vineyard, park, or a forest. However, keep in mind, such locations will have to be properly heated so that you and your guests feel comfortable. Speaking of an indoor venue, make sure it enables a winter atmosphere. In this sense, big windows facing a snow-covered forest will do the job. 

Last, consider your guests' ease of transportation. Think about the possible bad weather, the transportation of the guests, as well as the availability of hotels. 

Basically, it is your duty to think of everything related to how your guests will arrive at your wedding up until the point they leave it.

#2 Allow Extra Travel Time

Just like we mentioned, the weather plays such a huge role in your winter wedding. So, adapt to it. 

Regardless of how near or far the venue is, make sure to give your guest extra time to get to your wedding reception. Bad weather always equals bad traffic, and some of your guests will be late. By allowing your guest some extra travel time you will give yourself peace of mind, therefore it will prevent yourself from stressing and ruining your own special day.

#3 Add Romance with Proper Lighting

Winter is known for its short days and longer nights. It is also known for the often heavier and darker mood. So, the best thing you can do is select proper lightning to add romance within the room. 

For this purpose, we advise you to consider incorporating a fireplace if you can. There is nothing cozier than listening to the crackling fire sounds while reading your traditional wedding vows. Fireplaces undoubtedly are the ultimate winter symbol, and if there is a chance to include one, make sure to do that. 

Another way to play with lighting at both, your wedding reception and ceremony, are twinkling string lights and candles. These lighting systems will allow your venue to have a romantic feel to it and will add some lovely vintage ambiance. For a more rustic vibe, you can also add sparkling chandeliers. 

#4 Do Not Forget the Beauty Preparations

During wintertime, dry skin and chapped lips are imminent. 

However, these imperfections can be easily covered if you know exactly how to do it. To keep your lips moisturized during your wedding day, you need to start taking care of them at least several days before the ceremony. Take advantage of the numerous moisturizing creams that you can find on the market. 

Do not forget the face along the way, as you will want it to be as soft as possible so that your make-up can look flawless. 

#5 Invest in Winter Accessories

If you think that there is no such thing as winter accessories, you would be wrong.

It is true that there is a smaller amount of accessories that you can use during a winter wedding, but there still are some that are extremely beautiful and appropriate for the weather. 

Let's start off with the bridal jewelry. Just because you are having a winter wedding does not mean you cannot play with different colored jewelry or statement jewelry. Solely depending on the look that you want to achieve, you can pick either silver or gold-plated wedding necklace and earring sets. If you do not really like necklaces you can choose only beautiful drop earrings to compliment your simple but stunning wedding gown. In case you love gold more than silver, then you can pick a noticeable gold crystal bangle that will give your bridal look a sophisticated vibe.

When we say winter accessories, wedding jewelry is not the only thing we are talking about. 

Since it is going to be (very) cold, accessories like veil, faux fur stole, or a cape, are important to keep you warm. If you consider some, or at least one of these accessories, you have to assure the piece can be easily combined with various winter wedding dresses.

Depending on the wedding theme, you can pick bridal hair accessories as well. Whether it is a crystal hair comb, crown, hairpin, or a tiara, you will have to pay attention to the details of the headpiece as it has to match the details on the dress or your overall bridal look.

While on this topic, although this may be needless to say, we advise you to opt for a long sleeve winter wedding dress. Not only this design will keep you warm all the time, but it will also help to achieve the winter-wonderland wedding theme you are probably aiming for.

#6 Consider Winter Footwear

Winter weddings require warm and comfortable footwear. 

Opposite than summer weddings where brides can choose from various types of shoes, the brides that get married in winter have limited options. 

As always, when it comes to your wedding shoes, regardless of the season, we strongly recommend going for something that is comfortable. You can choose a pair of chic stiletto heels, of course, but first, think about the possibility of rain or snow, and then decide whether it is a smart idea or not. In our opinion, stylish boots are the best and most practical shoe option for winter weddings. 

There are a number of good-looking boots that are appropriate for a wedding, and if you do not agree that just means you have not found your perfect pair yet.

#7 Make Sure Your Guests Are Warm

As a bride, always consider making an extra effort to keep your guests warm. A nice and simple idea to do so is by giving them a hot drink upon arrival. Further, check up on them regularly by asking whether the temperature is pleasant or not. 

While on this topic, we advise you to make sure your bridesmaids are warm as well. Before the wedding, think about buying or ordering bridesmaid cover-ups and appropriate warm bridesmaid shoes so that they are not cold on the day and enjoy your wedding as much as you.

#8 Use Seasonal Element in Your Bouquets

Although winter does not seem like a flower season, there are many beautiful plants and flowers you can use in your bouquets and centerpieces. Among these elements, there are ivy, thistle, leaves, poinsettias, willow, and branches. Seasonal fragrant herbs and berries such as rosemary can help you create a warm and lovely winter feeling as well. 

#9 Create Winter-Themed Wedding Invitations

Take your chosen wedding date and play with it to create unique but winter-themed wedding invitations. This can be done by adding holiday themes, cozy fireside tableaux, snowflakes, or snowy scenes on the invitation. 

In case you cannot find any particular template that you like, ask a local print shop to design your wedding invitations. However, be careful with the colors you choose. Our biggest recommendation is to go for winter wedding colors such as light blue and gray or stick to the color that prevails in your wedding theme.

#10 Choose Wintry Flavors

Our last tip for planning the perfect winter wedding is to go for wintry flavors.

The best part about having a wedding during winter is that you get to mix flavors, therefore a chance to hit home. Since the majority of significant holidays happen during wintertime, people connect different flavors with such special occasions. So, this is your chance and you should take it!

Speaking of the wedding cake, there are many spins on classic flavors and seasonal fillings that can be used to bring the wedding theme together. Some of the best are chai tea and honey buttercream, vanilla with coconut, pecans and bourbon, s' mores, Mexican chocolate, bourbon vanilla and raspberry filling, butter almond and white chocolate ganache filling, as well as chocolate peppermint. 

For the rest of the food, other wintry flavor options are bright colored cookies, tomato soup, mulled wine, pasta, mini lava cakes, and warm cheese crackers.