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2020 Wedding Color Trends You Should Know About

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2020 Wedding Color Trends You Should Know About


Settling to have your big day in 2020 means that now is the right time to start thinking about your wedding color theme. One major mistake that many brides-to-be make, unfortunately, is that they focus on everything else except the theme of their wedding. This results in having a truly unremarkable wedding that will definitely not be remembered for the attention to detail or the ambient. 

To help you achieve a magical extraordinary wedding, we gathered the color palettes that we believe are getting huge in 2020. 

Blush Pink

Starting off with one of the most feminine colors, the blush pink is the perfect choice for the occasion. The color, not only is elegant, romantic, and passionate, but it also is a very powerful and highly noticeable color even though it is a pastel one. Such a color tone makes its way into weddings because of one simple reason- nothing screams class more than this gentle color and it is extremely easy to incorporate in pretty much every aspect of the wedding.


Blush pink wedding theme by June Avenue

For the purpose of achieving a blush pink wedding theme, our biggest suggestion is to opt for wedding jewelry in this color, accompanied by shoes, a purse or a bridal headpiece in blush color. Pink flowers are also kind of a must as well as some other details such as napkins, candles, and the lighting of the venue. 

Although these are small things, we guarantee you it will all come together once it is combined. This color palette, even though it can look beautiful during the four seasons, is the most romantic when used for winter or summer weddings. 

Dusty Blue

Continuing with a slightly darker color, the dusty blue is among the most refined tones you can pick for your wedding day. It will give you chills on how good this color palette is and how easy it can transform your wedding day into a fancy, classy event. 

Dusty blue wedding theme by June Avenue

At the moment, considering it is still the season for winter weddings, this is our favorite hue. Reasonably, if you are having a winter wedding, we highly recommend taking this shade into consideration. Whether you are hosting an upscale ballroom soiree or laid-back lodge wedding, this pretty almost-neutral palette works great across all styles of weddings.

When it comes to winter weddings, they are all about bringing a sense of coziness and richness into your big day. Dusty blue is a versatile color that can be incorporated in multiple aspects starting from your bridal jewelry, cake, glasses, bridal hair accessories, nail polish, wedding guest board, and even your gown. Whatever it is, best believe it will look simply magical in dusty blue.

Mellow Yellow

The third in a row is our four-season winner - mellow yellow. This playful shade is so good because it can be the right choice for a wedding color theme regardless of the season. Whether you are having a wedding on the beach, in the woods or in a cozy wooden venue, this color easily matches every possible scenario. 


Mellow Yellow wedding theme by June Avenue

In case you are having a summer wedding, you can merge this color in your wedding bouquet, bridesmaids dresses, invitations, or details like the table napkins. 

In case you are having a fall wedding, the mellow yellow along with shades of orange can also be incorporated in your bouquets, chairs, guest board and so on. 

Combined with gray, this hue of yellow is an interesting choice for a winter wedding. If you want to escape the ordinary winter wedding colors, you can opt for this shade and have a truly remarkable cozy winter wedding.

Needless to say, the mellow yellow is a great choice for spring weddings as well. Given it is the season for brighter colors, you can combine this pastel hue with another stronger one, and achieve a colorful wedding theme.

Psychologically, yellow, because it is the color of light, is the hue the human eye cannot miss. Thus, if you want your guests to remember your wedding day forever, embrace this nuance. 

Deep Merlot

If "classic" and "romantic" are a part of your wedding design plan, the deep Merlot is definitely the shade to go for. This deep soothing tone will steal the show and make your guests feel like they are attending the most classy wedding ever. 

Deep merlot wedding theme by June Avenue

Deep Merlot, as one of the most stunning colors, is the perfect color for fall and winter weddings. This nuance hints at the cozy holiday season ahead and is easy to combine in every aspect of your wedding. For a wedding colored in this semi-moody shade, you can choose deep Merlot bouquet, centerpieces or shoes. An even better option is to pick a white wedding dress and combine it with Merlot wedding necklace and earring sets or bridal hair accessories in this shade. You can also ask your bridesmaids to wear dresses in this color in order to complete the wedding theme. 

Other ideas for incorporating this incredibly warm and elegant hue include painting your nails in that color and having a deep Merlot colored cake, balloons, cupcakes, and invitations.

Light Gray

Regardless of the season, you simply cannot go wrong with a wedding theme in light gray. The best thing about this pastel hue is that it matches every scene and occasion, making it perfect for many events. In the sense of weddings, light gray is a great choice because it is easy to be combined with other colors depending on the season. 

Light Gray Wedding theme by June Avenue

For a winter wedding, for example, this nuance can be combined with other earthy tones such as antique blue, green willow, and steel to create an elegant look that is infused with trendy elements. Even if you do not want to mix it with other colors, the light gray nuance will definitely help you have a winter wedding of your dreams.

Additionally, the light gray can also be a smart choice for a fall wedding. Mixed with elements colored in a deep Merlot, ginger, and ivy green results in a rustic wedding look, which is a theme extremely warm and inviting.

Even though it may not seem like the light gray can be a good fit for a summer wedding, it actually can add a magical touch to your big day. United with champagne, pink, and coral shades, makes it effortless to set a romantic-meets-fresh tone of your summer wedding. 

Last but not least, the light gray is an ideal pick for a spring wedding too. If you do not want to combine it with any other color, the light gray will certainly do its magic, but if you are contemplating some mixture, then we recommend combining this shade with berry pink, sea mist, lemonade, and azure shades. 

Light gray, as we mentioned is a neutral pastel color that provides that looks beautiful and refined. What is great about it is that it provides a simple backdrop for dramatic decor, metallic elements, and rich textures.  To make sure it predominant at your wedding, you can have your bridesmaids wear light gray dresses and faux fur, have an ombre gray cake, candles, and tablecloths in that color. It does not matter whether you are having a backyard, barn, or a ballroom wedding, this soft shade goes the distance.