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3 Major Reasons Why Every Couple Needs a Wedding Website

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3 Major Reasons Why Every Couple Needs a Wedding Website


If you are keeping up with the latest digital trends, then it is highly likely you have already heard about the trend of having a wedding website. While to some people, such a trend is a bunch of nonsense, for us, this is one of the smartest, time and money-saving moves a couple can do for their big day. The truth is - there are a lot of benefits of having a wedding website, all of which are going to be covered in this article.

So, for the ones who are still unsure, we created a list of three reasons why having a wedding website is essential in order to feel in control for the biggest day in your lives. 

Let's begin.

#1 It Makes Everything Easier

Starting off with the greatest benefit of all, having a wedding website will make everything about organizing your wedding easier. 

There is no denying that planning a wedding is seriously hard work. While trying to pull together a huge event, feeling distracted and disorganized is not a productive combination. From defining your budget to creating your guest list, to going back-and-forth with the suppliers, it is inevitable for you and your future husband to feel overwhelmed at some point. 

This is exactly where having a wedding website can be an absolute godsend. The website will be the platform where all of your guests will be brought together in one place, in this specific case, a virtual one. Due to the number of organizational features it provides, a wedding website will keep your processes streamlined and yourself sane. Among the most basic options you will find:

  • The ability to post as much information as you want and need as well as set up alerts to notify your guests of any news or changes on the website
  • The ability to have your guest confirm their presence online
  • The ability to send out invitations digitally
  • Countdowns to the wedding day

These are just to name a few! Today, there are many wedding websites that go a step further, implementing automated workflows or budget calculations. Such platforms, more often, are not free but regardless of their price, considering how much money you are going to save by doing things digitally, will be totally worth the money.

#2 It Can Be Personalized

The majority of wedding websites that you can find nowadays are extremely easy to personalize, which we recommend taking advantage of. 

In case you are wondering what you should do to make your wedding website personal, here are a few ideas;

Use Your Colors

The first step to effectively personalizing your wedding website is to use your own wedding theme colors instead of template ones. Regardless of whether you are having a blush pink or a light gray wedding, make sure your wedding website emphasizes the same colors. 

This way you will set the tone for the day so that your guests understand the vibe and the theme of the wedding before they even arrive, which may help them in dressing appropriately.

Add a Forum

One of the best features of a website is the forum, so do not miss out on the opportunity to add one. Having a forum saves you so many phone calls and emails that you would otherwise have to answer on a daily basis. Encourage your guests to post questions and suggestions on the forum so that all of you can communicate better. 

Additionally, utilize the forum for giving your guests gift ideas, or ask them for opinions about various topics such as wedding jewelry, bridal hair accessories, or wedding necklace and earring sets you should wear. 

For an even better organization, you can divide the forum into several important segments. For example, you can do one segment for frequently asked questions (FAQs) where you will answer the repeated questions so that you do not have to answer them over and over again, another segment can be composed of suggestions, just like the bridal jewelry we mentioned, as well as any other segment that will serve an organizational purpose.

Add a Photo Album

Needless to say, adding a photo album will save you a great deal of time, effort and stress. Instead of sending thousands of emails and mails of the wedding photos, what you need to do is to upload all of the photos of your wedding to your website once you get the images from your professional photographer. It may take you a few hours to upload hundreds of photos on the website, but it is still better than combing through the album to send each of your guests their photos separately. 

When you are done uploading all the photos, simply inform all of your guests that the wedding photos are available for download so every each and one of them can download the photos they like.  

#3 It Is Budget and Eco-Friendly

Let's be real, weddings are extremely expensive! As a couple with an upcoming wedding, you will quickly discover that keeping everything under budget is simply impossible. 

From wedding invitations to the decorations, and the venue, every seemingly little thing that contributes greatly to the big picture, can cost up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

Luckily, by having a wedding website you can minimize at least some of the costs. For example, sending digital invitations will save you lots of money as wedding invitations tend to cost anywhere between $300-$700 for approximately 80 invitations. Also, having your guest confirm their presence virtually is a lot easier and cost-effective than having them mail you back. Instead, spend your money on hiring a talented designer to create beautiful wedding invitations that you will love and remember forever.

Although caring for your budget is a completely normal and expected thing, caring for the environment is not. And, if you are an environmental enthusiast, just like us, then you are already aware of how much waste wedding invitations do, in fact, make. To have a wedding website is an eco-friendly option for reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding day and eliminates this wasted paper. 

In case you care to go a step further you can even have a paperless wedding. If anything, the planet will definitely love you for it!