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5 Clever Ways to Add Luxury to Your Wedding

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5 Clever Ways to Add Luxury to Your Wedding


The wedding trends of 2020 have already emerged and we are loving every single one of them! Unlike last year, when every wedding trend revolved around small charming elements that had big effects, this new decade we are all about extravagant, eco-friendly, and personalized weddings

When it comes to luxurious weddings, people consider them to be extremely expensive and in most cases, unaffordable. This is why, today, we decided to talk about some minor but effective ways to add luxury to your big day while still having a wedding on a budget

Believe it or not, luxury is not always in the price. Instead, it can be found in the smallest sophisticated details that often do not cost much, but bring the look of your wedding to a whole new level.

If you, too, want a luxe elegant wedding in 2020, here are five of the simplest, most affordable ways to make it happen.

#1 Make Eco-Friendly Choices

With society being ever-more eco-conscious, you probably already think of ways to play your part. If not, then you should!

Personalized wedding by June Avenue

Having an upcoming wedding is the perfect occasion to get used to making more eco-friendlier decisions. Eco-friendliness truly is a trend, and if you want a luxurious on-trend wedding, this is a step you cannot afford to miss out on.

Going green for your wedding does not mean you should have a completely wasteless wedding. It simply means that you should be more conscious about the waste you are making, hence try your hardest to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Every effort counts and nature will be grateful for every verdict you make in its defense, no matter how big or small it is. 

The wedding invitations, for example, are a solid starting point for your ecological wedding pattern. Instead of having wedding invitations made from fresh paper, what you can do is go for having invitations from recycled paper. Additionally, for the actual invitation itself, you can use vegetable and soy-based inks that are easily degradable. 

If you want to take it a step further, you can also contemplate creating a wedding website, which will allow you to invite all of your guests to your wedding with a simple click on your computer. Such digital invitations not only are super eco-friendly therefore waste less, but they also are budget-friendly. All of us are aware that wedding invitations can cost quite a lot, so if you are all in for going green on your big day, digital invitations will serve the purpose.

Speaking of eco-friendly wedding decisions, there really are plenty. Besides the invitations, you can also avoid single-use plastic and papers for utensils, dishes, and cups. In order not to go over your budget, and this decision has the potential to force you to, you can rent dishes, cups, and linens for your wedding day that are not made from single-use papers and plastics. 

Last clever idea is to donate or compost the food waste as well as your wedding flowers. During wedding days, flower and food waste make up for large amounts of trash, and more often than not, this waste ends up in landfills when it very easily can be donated or composed. To make sure your food does not end up in the landfill, talk to your caterer about their procedure of getting rid of the waste. If you do not like what you hear, take matters into your own hands by collecting the leftover food and donating it to a nearby shelter. 

The same goes for your wedding flowers. Since you are probably going to have large centerpieces on every table, these flowers are likely to go to waste at the end of the day. All of this is unless you have a plan on how to reuse, comport, or donate them. One idea is to compost the flowers along with your food. Another idea is to donate them or if you can, sell them.

However, if you are unsuccessful in selling your already used flowers, donate them in flower shops, or organizations that do take care of such things. Do not rush into killing your plants right after your wedding is over. Let them live on and give them a chance to bring joy to somebody else.

#2 Embrace Patterns and Textures

While the color palette chosen for your wedding theme is essential, it is more important to embrace different patterns and textures if you want your wedding party to stand out and give off fancy vibes.

Wedding chairs by June Avenue

Whether it is a colorful, dramatic brocade on your wedding train, a charming seersucker tablecloth, or a shining gold piping on sleep white velvet for the chairs, there are no rules saying you are stuck with satin and/or lace. Unusual and novelty play such a huge part in luxury, so that is something you can definitely achieve through the feel and the touch of a new texture, with little to no trying. 

To go the extra mile, you can make these patterns or textures the overall theme of your wedding, incorporating the same pieces in your wedding dress or bridal hair accessories.

#3 Have an Extravagant Wedding Cake

The wedding cakes, whether we like it or not, are a huge telltale sign of someone's effort and attention to details. While there are small wedding cakes that look absolutely gorgeous and appropriate depending on the number of guests, in 2020, cakes are considered the wedding's showstopper. Therefore, if you are thinking of initiating the WOW factor with your wedding cake, seriously consider cascading design of macarons, chandelier cake, or lavish dessert tables that will leave your guest simply speechless. 

Wedding cake by June Avenue

Although this year the look of the cake will overpower its taste, if you want to hit the luxurious note on your wedding, you will have to have a cake that stands out for its taste as well. Flavor combinations such as dulce de leche and salted caramel or rose and pistachio just ooze luxury and are expected to be extremely popular this year.

#4 Supersize the Veil

In 2020, the most traditional wedding accessory is getting a reboot. Thanks to celebrities such as the Duchess of Sussex and Priyanka Chopra, the wedding veils are now brought to the next level with loads of extra length.

Wedding veil by June Avenue

To be able to pull off a luxurious wedding, your veil is something you should definitely think about. Do not get us wrong on this one - having a long veil is not a requirement, but it is something that will play a huge part in achieving an elegant, remarkable, and lavish wedding.

#5 Get Big With the Accessories

Nothing screams 'posh' more than beautiful high-quality jewelry. The truth is - people may not remember your bridal gown a few years from now, but if you do excel with the wedding jewelry, they will have a hard time forgetting the sparkling pieces. Therefore, make sure to do the best job possible.

In case you opt for a simple fitted dress, accompany it with a big diamond or pearl wedding necklace and earring sets that will have no chance of going unnoticed. You can also consider wearing a tiara or bridal hair vine. If such bridal jewelry and accessories are not your first choice, go for a beaded bridal belt that looks and feels elegant and expensive. 

Additionally, you can also choose a crystal bangle or bracelet that will assemble the whole bridal look and make it more sophisticated and luxe than ever.