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5 Interesting Ways to Store, Organize and Display Your Jewelry

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5 Interesting Ways to Store, Organize and Display Your Jewelry

The way you take care of your jewelry is a solid indicator of how long it is going to last. The better you treat it, the more years you are going to be able to use that piece of jewelry.

This, however, does not mean that all of us have been careful since the very beginning of our jewelry-loving career. But, we have learned our lesson the hard way, haven't we? Losing pieces of jewelry and having unpaired earrings for years made us wonder about the best ways of storing, organizing and displaying jewelry. So, that is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Due to the belief that "if you cannot see it, you will not wear it" we have created a list of five interesting jewelry organizing ideas that combine function and style. It is about time to pay more attention to the jewelry you already have, untangle the pile that has been sitting in a corner for years, and showcase the beautiful pieces that you own.

An Industrial Pipe Jewelry Display

We decided to start off this list with one of, if not the most interesting way to display your jewelry.

Who would have thought that an industrial pipe can be such a fun way of displaying jewelry? Well, somebody certainly did think of this, since it is a growing trend among the jewelry lovers.

Industrial pipe jewelry display from jewels and more


There are so many different ways you can use an industrial pipe to create a small jewelry arrangement. The first thing you need to do, if you are willing to create the ornament yourself, is obviously finding a pipe that matches the desired height and length.

Further, in case you want to make the pipe look more feminine and chic, you can color in a color of your choice and put it on a stand. Not only this is an amazing way to store and display your jewelry but can also serve as a nice home decor item.

The industrial pipe will allow you to store all your necklaces, bracelets and watches at the same time. If you have too many of them, you can get as many pipes as you need. Another thing you can do is make holes in the pipe itself for your dangling earrings. This way you can have nearly all of your jewelry pieces neatly stored, organized and displayed.

(photo credit - Pinterest)

Vintage Teacups and Bowls

Another creative way to store and display your jewelry is by keeping it in beautiful vintage teacups and bowls. The best thing about this storage and display idea is that you probably already have some vintage teacups in your home.

Teacup jewelry stand jewels and more 

If not, you should definitely consider asking your mother or grandmother. The last option is to purchase some pretty teacups and bowls and put them on the top of your dresser. You can also buy or use a mirrored box as a part of the collection to help you store your chunky statement necklaces or artisan jewelry.

Not only you will have your beautiful pieces of jewelry in sight at all times, but the vintage teacups and bows will serve as a decoration and can add an elegant touch to your room as well.

(photo credit - Pinterest)

Simple Decorative Chains

To all earrings lovers, we have the right solution for you.

Chain jewelry stand for earrings jewels and more

This organizational idea is by far the simplest one, and definitely something you can put into use in just a few minutes. Everything you need is hooks and a chain you no longer use.

While you are most likely to have both of these items in your home right now, do not worry if this is not the case. You can purchase them in a store nearby or order them online. Then, it is totally up to how creative you are as well as your preference of color and design.

Once you have a chain and hooks to work with, you need to find the perfect spot to display the chain. Before actually attaching the chain to the hooks, make sure you have just the right length of chain. For you to be able to do this, you should primarily decide on the number of earrings you want to put on the chain. If there is a large number of accessories that you want to attach to the chain, we highly recommend getting as many chains as you need opposed to using one long chain. It simply does not look good. Further, do not forget to leave some space on the chain for new sets of earrings that you are probably going to buy in the near future.

Pro tip: Paint the chain in a color that best matched the design of your bedroom.

Finally, hang the chain across the wall and then hang the earrings through the links. This arrangement looks good but it also is a super-easy organizing idea for your earrings.

(Photo Credit - Cleverly Inspired)

Handmade Jewelry Stand

The jewelry stands are the best choice for everyone who is looking for a minimalist and more elegant way to store, organize, and display their jewelry.

Handmade wooden and brass jewelry stand jewels and more


As with every other point of our list, the jewelry stands can also be completely handmade or purchased as a whole. However, we would like to mention that if you are willing to try to make your own jewelry stand, expect to put quite some labor in it because it is nowhere near easy to craft a jewelry stand.

On the other hand, if you consider buying one, you can freely visit our online jewelry store, and purchase one of the most chick jewelry display that you will find on the market.

The best thing about the jewelry stands is that it gives you the opportunity not to store only one or two types of jewelry, but all of them. The majority of the jewelry stands are composed of at least three metal rods and usually a wooden base. On the metal rods, you can place your hanging earrings, adjustable bracelets, and necklaces. The wooden base functions as a plate for your ring collection, brooches, bangles, and other cherished accessories. Thus, you will have every piece of jewelry that you on in one place, stored, organized, and displayed neatly.

Create a Jewelry Station

The final organizational idea on our list is a mix of everything we mentioned up until this point. A jewelry station, as a term is pretty self-explanatory.

In case things are still unclear, it is a specific spot in your home, usually in the bedroom, that is completely dedicated to your appreciated jewelry assembly.

Jewelry stations jewels and more


This station can be as big and chick as you make it and can include as many items as you need, so before you start creating it, look at diverse designs and combinations to kind of get the specific idea of what you would like to make. You can use everything we covered, starting from industrial pipes, chains, hooks, teacups and various other jewelry boxes.

Depending solely on your own preference and taste, you can make this jewelry station out of items you already own or you can buy whole new sets to make it perfect. The jewelry station is actually something that should not take you more than a few hours to create, and since you are going to absolutely love the final product, you should definitely think about this idea.

(Photo Credit - Countdown to Friday)

Hope this short but concise list was helpful and we would love to know if you end up using any of our ideas!