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7 Things Brides-To-Be Should Know About Wedding Planning

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7 Things Brides-To-Be Should Know About Wedding Planning

As the lucky bride, you are bound to find yourself surrounded by a team of friends, bridesmaids and family members who are willing to help you plan the big upcoming day in your life. Because none of these people will hesitate to share their opinions, ideas, and pieces of advice with you, it is likely that you are going to feel overwhelmed at some point. 

In order to help you stay sane and on track, we gathered a shortlist of things you need to know about wedding planning. These are not the things that are nice to know, but a type of  "I am so glad someone has told me this" recommendations worth keeping in mind.

#1 Guests Come First

This is the golden rule you never knew existed.

When planning a wedding, the first thing people normally do is look for the venue. However, there is a small catch that couples seem to forget but are not allowed to. 

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You cannot settle on a venue if you do not get a grip on the approximate number of guests you plan to invite to the wedding. 

Missing this step can lead to an absolute disaster of either having too much empty space or not having enough space to fit the invited people. Either scenario will initiate a bad vibe during your wedding and you and your partner will be the ones left with horrible memories of what was supposed to be your perfect wedding day.

Therefore, follow the rule of thumb, which implies allowing up to 30 square feet per each guest. This really is not as much space as it seems if you consider the room you will need for the band, the tables, the dance floor, and the bustling waiters. This rule will provide you with an insight into how big of a place you actually need, thus you are going to be able to settle on the perfect venue for your wedding.

#2 Plan Your Look as Soon as Possible

To save yourself from unnecessary stress, you should definitely start to ensemble your look as soon as possible. 

We suggest shopping for the wedding dress at least six months before the wedding because it will give you some extra time to design the overall bridal look. 

Once you find your gown, it is time to select your wedding shoes, handbag, bridal hair accessories, undergarments, gloves, and of course, your bridal jewelry such as wedding necklace and earring sets. Even though some of these items may seem like they are easy to find and match with the whole outfit, you will come to find out that the appearance you have planned will undergo changes. 

In case you need a helping hand, do not think twice about hiring a professional stylist, makeup artist, or a wedding planner even if you are on a budget. It is always worth spending extra money on someone who knows what they are doing and are professionals at it, than to struggle to achieve the look you would probably not be able to achieve alone.

#3 Skip Traditions If You Want To

Just because wedding traditions exist does not mean they are mandatory. 

Your wedding is about you and the person you love, and that, essentially, is all that matters. So, do what you feel is right and comfortable. 

If thinking about having a first dance makes you stressed and uncomfortable, then do not have one. Nothing makes sense if it does not make you feel happy during your wedding. 

Wedding cupcakes june avenue

Or, let's say, you are not a big fan of cakes. Skip the rule of must having a wedding cake and create a new one. Instead of having a three-tier cake, choose to have macaroons, donuts, cupcakes or cake pops. Whichever alternative you like better, make sure to go for it.

#4 Disagreements During Planning Do Not Equal Divorce

No, it is not out of the norm to fight with your fiancé while planning and going through your to-do wedding list. If anything, it is bound to happen at some point, regardless of how well you understand and communicate with each other. 

Generally, women solve problems differently than men. 

This, multiplied with stress and pressure affecting both ends, equals plenty of disagreements, not a divorce. So, expect disputes and do not interpret them as a clear sign you are your partner should not be together. Everything will work out just fine.

#5 Do Not Sweat the Small Things

Needless to say, you will come to a point when you will realize not everything will follow the plan. And, that is okay.

As mentioned, your initial vision of the wedding theme and the overall ceremony is likely to change in the process of planning. 

So, do not really sweat the small things such as the flavor of the cake, the strength of the drinks, or the envelopes for the invitations. 

While these decisions must be made, it is absolutely ridiculous to go over them over and over again. Do not waste precious time hesitating between chocolate and caramel flavor for your cake, because the truth is, no one really remembers the cake. Nor will you. 

So, make final decisions, stick to them, and give yourself time to worry and prioritize much bigger things such as the bend, your wedding jewelry, dress, and the venue. 

#6 Get Your Marriage License Prior to the Reception

Not many couples are aware that the whole ceremony of getting married also includes the pastor signing the marriage license. 

Hence, many newly-wed couples have two anniversaries, one of the official day of signing the marriage license and one of the wedding day. 

In case you do not feel like celebrating two anniversaries, get your license before the wedding and of course, do not forget to bring it with you. 

#7 The Wedding Is About Both of You

Last but not least, it is crucial for you to remember this is not just your day, but your partner's big day as well.

Weddings are about two people who love each other, coming together. 

Remember, this is not your birthday party even though it will feel like one since most probably all eyes will be on you as the glorious bride. 

However, it is up to you to remind yourself that your partner is just as important and that it is their day as much as it is yours. Do not make the mistake of not letting them feel special on the most special day of both of your lives.