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8 Absolutely Timeless Bridal Hairstyles 

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8 Absolutely Timeless Bridal Hairstyles 

Styling your hair, or more importantly- deciding how to style your hair on your wedding day, can and usually is as stressful as making other vital decisions such as choosing your dress or bridal jewelry. The difficulty of this decision indeed has a real reason behind it since hairstyles do have the power to change our entire looks in an instant. 

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, the choices are infinite, really. There are brides who prefer their hair down, opting for a retro look with vintage curls. Additionally, there are the traditional brides as well who almost always go for an elegant updo for their most special day. And, of course, there are the brides that get the best of both worlds by creating fresh but classy looks with going half down half up.

Because of the reason selecting the right bridal hairstyle can be a struggle, we decided to offer you a helping hand and present you with the absolutely timeless wedding hairstyles you simply cannot go wrong with. From classic rolls, messy buns, to boho braids, everyone should be able to find something that will best suit their needs and wishes!

Saving you the Pinterest search, here are the most beautiful hairstyles you can wear on your wedding day!


#1 Romantic Low Updo

Speaking of classic wedding hairstyles, the romantic updo remains on the top of the list for a reason. It is elegant, beautiful, and feminine, so many brides prefer low updos for their big day. 


Bridal low updo june avenue

This way of styling your hair is truly timeless and it seems like it will never go out of style, especially when it comes to weddings. To spice things up, you can also incorporate bridal hair accessories that will make the whole look even more complete than before. In this sense, a gorgeous crystal hair comb will perfectly do the job.


#2 Glamorous Half-Up, Half-Down

While the half-up half-down hairstyle can be pulled off in a variety of elegant and trendy designs, the majority of the brides who choose this design opt for a more messier, chic look.

Half up half down bridal hairstyle june avenue

In case you decide on having a glamorous wedding theme, then this bridal hairstyle is the right fit for you. Such a hairdo will be enough to make a statement, leaving you space to play more with other elements such as different wedding necklace and earring sets.


#3 Cute Messy Bun

Just because it is a bun, does not mean it has to be perfectly made and elegant. In fact, more and more women, and generally brides-to-be, prefer messy buns more than regular buns because they look more beautiful and also way effortless (although we all know this is not the case). 

Bridal messy bun june avenue


If the theme of your wedding allows a more natty look, we advise you to go for a cute messy bun instead of any other bridal hairstyle. To make it even more stylish, you can have a messy bun that features soft waves, braids, hair vines, flowers, flower crowns, or other not-so-elegant statement pieces.


#4 Long, Flowing Curls

Smooth long curls are the perfect choice for the brides whose hair has serious length. This hairstyle, besides being very popular among future brides, is also highly favored by many women around the world. Why you may ask? Just look at it and you will realize how flawless this hairdo is. 


Bridal flowy curls june avenue

In case you are a bride-to-be and you already have long hair, we suggest showing it off by rocking these gorgeous curls. The hairstyle does not really require much accessorizing but if you want to, you can do it by adding a bridal headpiece such as a diamond hairpin, or a crystal hairband.


#5 Sleek Ponytail 

Sleek glamorous ponytails are also recommended for the brides with serious hair length. This hairstyle will help you look elegant but also chic at the same time. It can be done with all types of hair as long as the length is there. The most common ways of doing sleek ponytails involve going for a straightened ponytail or choosing a ponytail with soft waves. 

Bridal pony tail june avenue

If you want, you can accessorize your hair, but we advise you not to. What you can do instead is focus on your wedding jewelry and opt for a big statement necklace or beautiful drop earrings that will complete your bridal look.


#6 Large Ballerina Bun

Although this iconic hairstyle is more often than not associated with ballrooms, the truth is - it works for any venue. 

Needless to say, the ballerina bun is one of the most versatile and flawlessly-looking bridal hairdos to date. With a large gorgeous topknot, you can channel your inner ballerina and achieve the elegant look you are aiming for. 

Bridal Ballerina bun june avenue


This hairstyle, because of how simple but stunning it is, allows you to accessorize as much as you want. In case you want a more subtle look, we highly recommend considering a pair of crystal stud earrings, a silver bracelet, and a bridal tiara. However, if you want to do quite the opposite, you can incorporate larger pieces of wedding jewelry such as big statement necklaces, colored rings, and earrings. This hairstyle basically allows you to do whatever you want with your bridal jewelry, so you cannot really make a mistake when choosing a large ballerina bun.


#7 Beautiful Fishtail Braid

For the brides who do not want to commit to a full updo but want their hair out of the way, the fishtail braid is the ideal hairstyle. 

The best thing about this well-structured gorgeously-looking hairstyle is that no matter how you style it, it is bound to look good. 


Fishtail bridal hairstyle june avenue

You can make it as tight or loose as you want, you can accessorize it or you can leave it plain, your bridal fishtail braid will still look beautiful. So, if you do not want to worry about your hairdo loosening or about frizzing your hair during your wedding, this is the style you should go for.  


#8 Elegant Side-Swept Curls

As an advanced version of the flowing curls hairstyle we already mentioned, the side-swept curls are the right pick for brides that want to achieve a subtle but glamorous look. 

The bridal headpiece is really what makes this hairstyle so unique so be very careful when you are choosing the one. Our biggest suggestion is to go for a romantic hair comb or a sparkly crystal hairpin. Best believe- you will be shining the whole day!

Elegant side swept curls june avenue