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How to Pick Wedding Accessories Your Bridesmaids Will Simply Adore

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How to Pick Wedding Accessories Your Bridesmaids Will Simply Adore

Being a bride-to-be is nowhere near easy. From planning the wedding to following traditions and people's advice, there are a million little things that need to be taken care of. Choosing accessories for the bridesmaids is a huge task, and probably one of the most important chores every future bride has to do carefully.

As always when making a choice, selecting the perfect jewelry and accessories for your bridesmaids must be accompanied by keeping much vital information in mind.  

With the help of our instructions, you should be able to do just the right accessory choice for your bridesmaids and go on to gift them something they will simply love forever.

Ask and Listen

Before you officially begin your hunt for bridal jewelry and accessories for your bridesmaids, our biggest suggestion is to figure out their liking and ideas for their own look on your wedding day. 

So, why not invite all of your bridesmaids at lunch? 

Everyone loves being a part of the whole wedding planning process, so this will give you the perfect opportunity to see which type of accessory, jewelry, and bridesmaid hairstyles they prefer. Ask questions that involve specific colors, designs, and styles, listen cautiously and collect details to be able to make the right choice afterward. Keep the conversation casual as if you are just having a relaxed lunch date. 

Your bridesmaids will not even realize they are revealing everything that will serve a great purpose to you!

Keep It Simple

Now that you kind of have an idea of what each of your bridesmaids favors, it is time to make the choice. 

Regardless of whether you are wearing a statement wedding jewelry or not, going for a simpler version for your girls is always a good idea. Not only it is way easier to play around with classic items, but also your bridesmaids will be able to wear the jewelry in the years to come. So, take your bridal jewelry style into consideration and pick something simpler for your bridesmaids to compliment it. This is the only way for your girls to highlight your look, not steal it. 

Be Color-wise

Never, and we mean never ever discard adding color to your bridal look and the look of your bridesmaids. Colors, especially the vibrant ones, because they draw much attention to them, require much careful combining. Therefore, our advice is to let the color of your dress and wedding theme guide you. 

In case you opt for a gown and bridal jewelry that are in the same or similar color, then you should focus on the theme and the colors that are going to prevail on your wedding. Thus, select jewelry and accessory for your bridesmaids that are either going to match their dresses,bridesmaid shoes, flowers, hair color or skin tones to create a very stylish impact. 

Consider the Size

Do all of your bridesmaids аre wearing different dress and shoe sizes? Then, what makes you think they all wear the same jewelry size? 

Just because jewelry is universal does not mean it is one-sized and that we are all wearing the same size. While there are some jewelry pieces and accessories that do not have a size, there are also the ones that do, and their size, in fact, makes a huge difference. 

The size provides comfort, and that is something you should definitely want for your bridesmaids to make them feel good. Your girls will not feel good if their jewelry is causing them trouble by being too tight or too loose. Extender chains will do the work, but because such jewelry does not look very classy, it should be your last choice. Instead, find a supplier that not only offers a huge variety of jewelry but a variety of lengths as well. 

Opt for Elegance

In case you have a hard time picking the jewelry and accessories for your bridesmaids, opt for elegance and classic and you will not make a mistake. 

Marie Crystal Gold Bangle

Although we highly advise you to not be afraid of colors, your wedding day might not be the best day to improvise, so go for an evergreen. And, what's more classic than a pair of pearl earrings or a crystal bangle? You cannot go wrong with such pieces of jewelry, so if you feel insecure about purchasing bolder items, you always have classics to hold on to. 

Do Not Forget the Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are one of the most compelling accessories a girl can wear. So, your wedding day is not the day to forget them.

Especially for your flower girls, hair accessories are kind of a must. What is the best thing about this type of accessories is that once you decide to accessorize your hair, you do not need to wear much more jewelry. Bridal hair accessories like hairpins and combs are enough themselves, so there will be no need for wedding necklace and earring sets to complement the look. Thus, such accessories should be your first choice for flower girls. 

As mentioned, you should think of the size, therefore the comfort, here too. With this and the flowers in mind, make the right color and design choice for your bridesmaids and flower girls so they look the best they can on your wedding day. 

Think of Your Best Girl Separately

Last but not least, we are focusing on your best girl and you should do it too. 

No matter how many bridesmaids you have, only one of them will be recognized as the chief bridesmaid. Therefore, she is the girl that deserves to be treated slightly different than the rest. In the best possible way.

It is a lovely gesture to make your chief bridesmaid feel unique. Luckily, there are many ways to do so. Whether it is by allowing her to wear a different shade of the same color as the other bridesmaids' dresses or giving her more expensive or statement jewelry, your chief bridesmaid's role should be recognized. A simple crystal hair comb or statement earrings might be enough to let your best girl shine.