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Artisan Jewelry: By the Hands of a Magician

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Artisan Jewelry: By the Hands of a Magician

The artisan jewelry is as old as time. With the revelation of the Earth's metals came the revelation of the people's ability to make something out of nothing. This is where creativity and the aesthetic eye come to play.

Handmade jewelry is a self-explanatory term, meaning the jewelry is made by a hand of a person rather than by the use of different machines.

Italy's Florence has the World's oldest trademarks of handmade jewelry. Back then, such jewelry was used as a sign of a certain rank or a religious item. Still, to this day, there are countries in the world that exclusively practice wearing artisan jewelry only.

Artisan jewelry is extremely hard and expensive to make, especially years ago. Today, it is one of the most appreciated methods of crafting jewelry. It is a form of history and style at the same time, and truth to be told- it can't get better than what it is today.

The handcrafted jewelry is composed of various materials such as metals, leathers, and stones.

Due to the reason, this kind of jewelry is made out of the hand of a man, it is almost impossible for two pieces of jewelry to be identically the same.

Thus, there is a belief that every artisan piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind. And we truly could not agree more!

An artisan is a person that creates functional things. They can be either wearable or edible, or even pieces of furniture. In a world full of tasteless trends and shallow behaviors, artisans create beautiful things people do not get to see every day. Similar to magicians, isn't it?

Yet, we are so lucky to still have people handcrafting such timeless pieces of jewelry.

Handmade jewelry is a very smart investment, and if you are not a big fan of cheap jewelry, artisan pieces are definitely a choice for you. Starting from earrings to bracelets, rings, and necklaces, there are many different kinds and styles one can choose.

Believe us when we say - there is something for everyone!

Since most of the handcrafted jewelry orbits around bracelets, that is exactly what we are going to go for. They are a historic symbol of power, religion and wealth, so let’s keep it that way.

A bracelet such as the Cara Copper Bangle is one of the most timeless boho style bangles. It represents a piece of bohemian jewelry and has a very elegant design. Accompanied by colorful stones, the Cara bangle is the perfect fit for any occasion.


Artisan jewelry can sometimes be overwhelming or considered as ''too much''. It is because of their mix of styles and textures that often confuses people, and more than often handmade jewelry is not their first choice.

Because of the reason simple handcrafted jewelry is hard to find, it is very much liked among those who respect the culture.


One of the simplest artisan bracelet designs is the Wire Wrap Copper bracelet. This bracelet is designed in a hippie style but can be easily combined with every outfit. The size of the bracelet is adjustable and the best thing is - it looks antique! The wire wrapped copper bracelet is oxidized so its appearance can be even more authentic. It sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Finally, we have to mention one of our favorite masterpieces. When you mix purple with silver, and you let an artisan take care of it, there is no other way for the final product not to be magnificent.

The example for this is the Amethyst Cuff bracelet which is a perfect combination of wire work, lacquer for metals and stones. Bright colored and extremely aesthetic, such a piece of jewelry is worth your money. It looks good, feels good and most importantly - lasts for a lifetime!