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Beginners Guide to Choosing Everyday Jewelry

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Beginners Guide to Choosing Everyday Jewelry

There are some things not a single modern woman can go without. If you immediately thought of everyday jewelry, you thought right. 

Although this topic may sound easy, more times than not, choosing simple jewelry that you can wear every day is an extremely difficult task. In such cases, there are a number of things you should pay attention to if you want that jewelry piece to actually fit your everyday style. 

With so many trends changing so frequently, it is easy to get lost in bundles of styles and designs. However, the best thing about everyday jewelry is the fact it rarely changes. Of course, there are a few unique temporary models here and there, but the casual jewelry pretty much remains the same. That is why we prepared you a guide that will help you figure out your style, therefore find which casual jewelry pieces will perfectly match your own form of expression.

#1 Do Not Compromise Comfort

The first thing on the list is the feeling of comfort, for a very good reason. Because everyday jewelry literally means wearing the same piece of jewelry every day, you need to make sure it is comfortable. Do not ever compromise your comfort for style. Let us repeat that again for you: No compromises. Always choose comfort over style. 

Regardless of how beautiful some jewelry piece looks, if wearing it is uncomfortable, you should not even consider it. When you wear something every single day, you should not want that to have too sharp edges or to be too heavy. Instead, go for beautiful but lightweight and adjustable jewelry. Whatever it is, do not ever choose something you do not enjoy wearing 100%. Yes, you read that right, you need to be completely satisfied and barely notice that you are wearing a piece of everyday jewelry. That is the beauty of this type of accessory, you do not even realize it is there, yet it embellishes your look on a daily basis.

#2 Create a Budget

Before you start your hunt for everyday jewelry, you need to create a budget.

First thing you have to do is consider how many everyday jewelry pieces you want to purchase. Here, think about the number of accessories you believe is necessary and will match your style. Even if it is one piece that we are talking about, you have to make that decision prior to setting up your budget. 

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Another essential point to consider is how much you are willing to spend. Keep in mind, the jewelry piece/s you are going to buy is something that you will wear every day, meaning it is a good investment even if it costs more than usual. As soon as you know exactly how much you can afford to pay for everyday jewelry pieces, you are ready to begin your chase. 

Choosing stores that meet your budget is probably one of the easiest ways not to be too concerned about the price while shopping. As a jewelry lover, we assume you already have a general idea about the price ranges in different jewelry stores. In case your budget is too low for the majority of those businesses, or in case you cannot find something you like, you always have the option to turn to the internet and find your favorite online jewelry store. Jewells & More can be a pretty good place to start. 

#3 Define Your Style

This is the crazies and the toughest part. 

Defining your personal style is crucial for making the right choices for everyday jewelry. Once you identify it, it will be a lot easier for you to pick something you will love, forever. 

There are seven universally accepted common style personalities. Even though it sometimes appears there are many more, your personal style is likely to fit in at least one of these categories. To discover what exactly is your style personality, you can go online and enter many quizzes that will quickly solve that mystery for you. In case you are willing to give it proper thinking, here are the seven style selections you should consider: 

  1. Natural (Relaxed) Style
  2. Classic (Traditional) Style
  3. Artistic (Creative) Style
  4. Dramatic (Edgy) Style
  5. Romantic (Feminine) Style
  6. Sexy (Alluring) Style
  7. Modern (Chic) Style

As soon as you are done contemplating and pinpointing your personal style, it is time to select the right jewelry that is going to go along with it. This is our list of suggestions; 


If you are among the people who prefer to dress up daily, then you should definitely go for more elegant pieces of jewelry. When we say 'dress up' we think fancy clothes, perfect makeup, flawless hairstyles, handbags, and heels. This type of clothing should be accompanied by soft jewelry pieces instead of crazy, eye-catching ones. Simple pearl studs or a metal bracelet will do the work.


This category basically covers all the sub-divisional personal styles that do not require too much effort. The people belonging to this group are usually led by "Less is more", therefore practice wearing pieces they never take off. This means that if you are one of those people, you will need to be very careful about your choice. Remember that the one piece you are going to choose will have to match the majority of your everyday outfits. 

This means that the jewelry needs to be a piece that you can layer and something that go along with other types of jewelry as well. For instance, consider getting a silver necklace, or simple round cut stud earrings


The third and final general category we decided to mention is the chic personal style. Within this category, there are all the fashions that include statement pieces and beautiful uncommon designs. While to the majority of people this does not necessarily represent 'everyday jewelry', there still are people that prefer more noticeable accessories over soft and simple pieces. 

When it comes to the statement jewelry, it needs to be bold in both, size and looks. In case you do choose to go for such jewelry pieces we highly recommend being careful with your outfit. If you end up accessorizing too much then you might as well cut down on the colors and number of clothes you are wearing. The statement pieces deserve to be in the center of the attention, and that can only be done if your outfit does not steal the attention away. 

Make sure you stock up on statement jewelry so you can have enough to swap each day accordingly to the color and clothes you are wearing. 

Some exciting patterns include gemstone collar necklaces, pearl bangles, or a layered statement necklace design.