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Bridal Accessories You Will Need on Your Wedding Day

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Bridal Accessories You Will Need on Your Wedding Day

No bridal look is ever complete without bridal accessories.

The wedding jewelry and accessories carry a lot of meaning for every bride. Not only such accessories help in creating a finished and balanced look, but they also serve as a reminder of the big day for the years to come.

While there are brides that choose the bridal jewelry and accessories out from the collections they already own, some go out of their way to purchase the perfect bridal accessories that will forever reminisce on the wedding day. Either way, if you have already said yes to the dress, now it is time to be on the lookout for wedding accessories! 

From undergarments to shoes and bridal headpieces, there are quite many bridal accessories you should definitely give a chance.

Wedding Shoes

Whether you are going for comfortable flats or high heels, the selection of your wedding shoes should always be done prior to your first dress fitting. Having the shoes you are going to wear on your wedding day with you, while you are trying on dresses will help you choose just the right length of the dress. 

When it comes to wedding shoes, you should never forget about comfort and style. Both are equally important because not only you will want to be comfortable standing and dancing in those shoes but also you will want the shoes to match your gown as well.

Wedding shoes june avenue

For instance, if you are having an outdoor wedding, we advise you to stick to sandals, wedges, and flats instead of stiletto heels, which are not going to be comfy nor appropriate for the wedding theme.

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is a necessity.

Whether it is a wedding necklace, earrings or a bracelet, no bride should ever forget to wear tasteful wedding jewelry on her big day. The jewelry itself can be new or borrowed, which does not matter, as long as it completes and matches the overall bridal look. 

In this sense, you need to make sure every piece of jewelry is in the same color or is made of the same material, such as silver or gold. Further, if you are wearing a necklace, you need to pay attention to whether it fits the neckline or not. There are definitely some details you need to focus so that you can avoid making a huge wedding jewelry mistakes.

While on this topic, our biggest suggestion is to test your complete bridal look several days before the ceremony. Put on your wedding gown, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and makeup and see if everything contributes to the look that you want to achieve. If not, do not panic! You still have time to add or remove a few things off of the list in order to look just like you imagined.

Bridal Headpiece

When talking about hairstyles for the wedding day, there are too many options. Hair up, down, or in between, the possibilities are limitless. 

Depending solely on your preference, needs, and of course the wedding theme, you should go for something that will go perfectly with the type of dress and accessories that you are wearing. Another important decision you will have to make is whether you are going to wear hair accessories or not. 

In case you decide to go with a bridal headpiece such as a traditional vail, noticeable hair combs, a crown, or a pin you need to remember it has to match your look. Also, remember to not overdo it, because not only it steals the attention away from the dress, but it does not look stylish as well.

As with every other element, the hair accessories need to be in coordination with the material and the colors of the dress as well as the other accessories. Therefore, opt for a headpiece that best complements your whole outfit. Here, you can choose from a variety of crystal headbands, tiaras, barrettes, bun wraps, combs, hairpins, and clips. 


Especially if you are having your wedding during the cold season, you have to think of bringing a jacker, a wrap, or a cardigan along with you. Believe us, a long-sleeve wedding dress will not do its magic, you will still need some type of coverup to keep you warm. 

The most classic and elegant coverup is a (faux) fur jacket or a wrap, colored in white or beige. Such a piece of clothing will give you a refined touch to your look while still keeping away the chill. If you want to go for a more casual look, a white-colored or regular denim jacket never really goes out of style. You might also look for a beautiful but simple shawl or a bolero to match your wedding gown perfectly.

Undergarments & Garter

The moment you choose your gown is the moment you have to start thinking about your underwear. Although it may not seem like a very important task to be taken care of right after selecting the wedding gown, you do not want to potentially forget about it. So, the sooner you take care of it, the better.

In order to not make a mistake, we advise you to talk to the salon where you have purchased your wedding dress from. Ask them about the type and material of the undergarments they think would look best with your dress. The workers should be able to tell you if the gown itself requires wearing a specific type of bra, shapewear, or seamless underwear for it to stay invisible and look picture-perfect. Whatever it is that you need to look right, make sure you buy it.

The garter, on the other hand, is not a must but rather a personal choice. 

According to some beliefs and superstitions, this piece of the wedding attire of the bride can bring luck, therefore many brides prefer to wear it. Identical to the bouquet toss, there is a tradition of garter toss. 

Essentially, the garter is a component that is nice to wear but definitely not a necessary one. So, it is completely up to you.


If you do decide on wearing a garter, after all, go for one that is made of a soft material, that has a pattern that you love and matches the color of your dress. In case you want to be unique, you can have a custom-made garter in different patterns, colors, and materials that you love. For instance, you can make it in the logo colors of your future husband's favorite sport's team. 

What a brilliant idea, isn't it?

Bridal Sash

If you decide to wear a wedding dress without too much embroidery and beading, you should consider spicing up your look with a bridal sash. This accessory will not only help you integrate your personal style into the finished look but also, by emphasizing your waist, it will flatter your figure. From nature-inspired sashes that feature leaves and flowers, to crystal-adorned sashes, there are many different types to select from.


Bridal belt june avenue

When a bride wears a bridal sash, it usually is the thing people notice the most. Therefore, it should be in the design and color that you love and feel like fully contributes to your look. 

Here, you can keep the style and material of the jewelry that you have or plan on having on your wedding day, as it is important for them to match. For example, if you are going for silver jewelry and accessories, you should definitely focus on having a silver bridal sash. The same goes for any other design or pattern such as crystals, diamonds, pearls, etc.


Even though you are going to carry a bouquet for the most part of your wedding, a girl always needs her purse, right?

Just like any other day, the purpose of wearing a bag is to store essentials. Thus, weddings are no exception. As a matter of fact, we advise all brides to wear a cute little purse to have their breath mints, makeup for a touch-up, or tissues with them all the time. You do not really know when you are going to need any of these things, so having a purse is always a good idea. 

For a minimalist, contemporary look, a modern clutch is perfect to hold the essentials. The purse can have the details and the colors that you prefer, but with having your overall bridal look in mind. For this, you can use a purse you already own or treat yourself with a new one that will forever reminisce you on your wedding day.