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Five Need-to-Know Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2020!

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Five Need-to-Know Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2020!

The new decade is here and we cannot be more excited!

For the past ten years, the world of fashion was tremendously impacted by come-and-go trends, but also by ones that became truly timeless fashion pieces. Jewelry trends, including wedding jewelry, in this sense, are not an exception.

Although years ago long chunky necklaces and colored plastic earrings were the real crazes, things have changed and today we embrace a more minimalist approach to accessorizing ourselves. 

Because we do not want you to make a mistake, especially for your wedding day, we prepared a list of five need-to-know wedding jewelry trends you are going to see everywhere this year. 

No, we are not talking about engagement rings or wedding necklace and earring sets, but about other jewelry and accessories, brides should consider wearing on their big day in 2020.


#1 Collar-Length Necklaces

Collar-length necklaces, especially statement ones, are definitely a trend that is yet to be extremely popular. Necklaces and generally the layering them up, have been a huge trend in 2019 and are expected to continue that path at least for a couple of years more.

Collar length bridal necklace june avenue


Even though the wearing of chokers has been out of fashion for quite some time now, bridal chokers are a piece of accessory that will probably remain a classy option for wedding jewelry. Even if you are not a big fan of chokers, you can go for a bit looser fancy diamond necklace that will perfectly do its magic in spicing up your overall bridal look with a touch of luxury and eternal style.

#2 Wide Diamond & Crystal Bracelets

While thin, subtle diamond and crystal bracelets are not going anywhere near time soon, the wide bracelets are stepping in this season.

Wide diamond bridal bracelet


According to the head of marketing at Material Good, Teresa Panico, the wide bracelets are going to be the go-to option for all brides that want to make a statement. As Panico stated "A tennis bracelet is a classy option", but with the daily wrist-stacking trend, the wide bracelets are perfect for brides that want to update their look and think outside the box.

#3 Jewelry in Green Tones

If you know anything about wedding traditions, then you are already familiar with the "rule" that every bride should wear blue on her wedding day. Oftentimes this "something blue" is either a beautiful bridal headpiece such as a hairpin, a garter, underwear, nail polish or shoes. However, the brides who are about to get married this year should ditch the thought of having to wear something blue because it has slowly transitioned into "something green". 

Whether it is a green jade, emerald, or sapphire, the color is currently in high demand. As experts assume, this is the color that is going to prevail in many wedding themes around the world this year. The green color itself is a strong yet gentle shade that makes an everlasting impression - something every bride needs on her special day.

Speaking of jewelry in green tones, emeralds, especially, are having a moment. This gemstone is infamously known as being elegant but at the same time perfect for adding a pop of color for the big day.

Although the diamond is a 'girls' best friend' the truth is - not all of us like diamonds, therefore many brides embrace experimenting with colored stones for the most important day in their lives. The days of all-white weddings are over and because we are going to be seeing less and less of this kind in the years that come, you should consider moving toward colors particularly for your jewelry, for your wedding day. Not only colored jewelry looks amazing, but it also is a fun and easy way to have your personality shine through.

For this green-colored jewelry trend, we can thank Princess Eugenie, who wore a stunning emerald tiara. According to senior fashion and beauty editor of The Knot, Shelley Brown, "The vibrant green stone is associated with royalty and as a bridal staple, is sure to replace the blue sapphire".

Reasonably, just like other wedding traditions you no longer have to follow, the next time you are thinking about your "something blue", better be thinking about "something green" because it is the only way not to make a fashion mistake in 2020.

#4 Golden Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal headpieces have never been more trendy than they are today. In 2019, we have seen various bridal hair accessories trends starting from large hair combs to printed scarves and beaded chains. This year, unlike colored gemstones, we are expecting а withdrawing of such crazy hair accessories. 

Golden bridal tiara june avenue

Grace Lee Jewelry's founder and designer, Grace Lee, says that in 2020, more and more brides are choosing to invest in simple headpieces they can wear after their wedding day as well. Here is where the solid gold hair accessories come to play. 

Every bride needs a beautiful and elegant headpiece that will compliment her feminine bridal look. But in this decade, we are taking practicality into consideration too. That is why we advise you to opt for accessories that you can actually wear on many other occasions besides your wedding day. A simple golden tiara, a bridal hair vine, or a subtle golden hairpin should perfectly do the job.

#5 Statement Earrings

One thing is for certain - bridal jewelry and fashion trends for 2020 rotate around statement earrings. Regardless of how you define your personal taste, there is only one take on earring trends of 2020 that will complement your unique style. 

While on this topic, it is important to emphasize that to be trendy does not mean you have to be outrageously bold. Classic studs, which are elegant jewelry pieces you can wear all year long, or drop earrings with high sparkle, will be the perfect pair of statement earrings for your special day. 

The whole point of having statement jewelry is not to be able to notice it from miles away but to be a piece of accessory that will flawlessly accompany the bridal look you want to pull off while allowing you to show your style, therefore feel confident and most beautiful on your wedding day.