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How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry to Match Your Bridal Gown? 

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How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry to Match Your Bridal Gown? 


So, your wedding day is just around the corner and you are more excited than ever. You have already ordered your dream dress, and you have picked out your bridal headpiece and veil to match. 

But, what about your wedding jewelry?

As the Morilee designer, Madeline Gardner says "Jewelry is the key element in complimenting your perfect bridal look". And, to be honest, we could not agree more. Selecting a beautiful gown is, of course, essential for your wedding, but if you ask us, the hard work is yet to come. Everything is in the details, and that is why your bridal accessories and jewelry have the power to make or break your bridal look, so choose them wisely.

Even though there is no rule of thumb here, the main thing you have to remember is that your bridal jewelry is not supposed to steal the spotlight off of your dress. Jewelry is an addition, so do not make it a focus. Before we start with the guide of how to make the right decision regarding bridal jewelry, keep in mind the secret to a perfect wedding-day look is "teamwork" between all the elements you incorporate.

Shall we begin?

First, Match Your Metals

You may not be aware of this, but it is true that some metals do get along and generally look better with specific dress colors. This means that the color of your wedding jewelry is completely dependent on the color of your bridal gown.

For instance, gold jewelry is best paired with an ivory dress, since it highlights the fabric's creamy tint. A plain white wedding dress, on the other hand, looks best when paired with silver jewelry or pearls. When it comes to pure white dresses, we advise you to stay away from gold pieces of jewelry as they tend to clash with the bright hue of the garment. With a diamond-white gown, you can have your pick with rose gold, pearls, yellow gold, or silver jewelry.


bride with naked back and drop earrings

The most important thing you have to keep in mind on this topic is that if your gown is already embellished with beadwork, you should let it dictate the accessories' color. For example, if your dress has gold beading, go for jewelry or bridal hair accessories that have a gold base.


Consider the Neckline of Your Gown

In an older post of ours, we have already mentioned that not considering the neckline of your wedding gown is one of the five worst jewelry mistakes you, as a bride, can make and should definitely avoid.

Just like the beadwork dictates the color of your jewelry, the neckline of your dress dictates the shape, size, and length of it, especially when it comes to your wedding necklace and earring sets.

Here are the most popular wedding dress necklines and the types of jewelry that best flatter each of them:

  • V-neck - The V-neck dresses are a more formal but classy option. We suggest pairing this dress with a simple pendant necklace that features a single gemstone. By hanging from your neck, pendant necklaces create a sort of V shape themselves, and because of this matching shape, you will be able to showcase the elegant neckline of your dress without the necklace distracting from it. To add sparkle to your ears, combine the necklace with short dangly earrings or crystal studs.
V neck wedding dress june avenue

  • Strapless - This is one of the most popular neckline styles brides opt for. Since you will have a decent amount of skin exposed to this type of neckline, there are quite a few options for you. Common options for necklaces are bold but elegant pieces. Select something sparkly but make sure it lies halfway between your collarbone and your neckline. Otherwise, if the necklace is too short or too long, it will end up looking messy and unbalanced. A pair of diamond drop earrings will to the job of effortlessly complementing the whole look.
  • Straight - This type of neckline is a classic and simple alternative. Dress it up with a large statement necklace and pearl stud earrings to add a little glitch to your dress.
  • Halter - Because halter-style necklines do take up a bit more space on your neck than usual, they are not the best candidates for pairing with necklaces. What you can do instead is to combine this neckline with chandelier earrings and a diamond or crystal bracelet. These two pieces of jewelry will add some extra flair to your bridal attire while perfectly matching it.
  • Sweetheart - Classic and elegant, this neckline style is perfect for a wedding gown. When choosing jewelry for such a neckline, it is best to pick something that will simply highlight this flattering cut of the dress. For example, a beautiful diamond drop necklace will give your dress a little something extra. To complete the look, we suggest adding pear-cut diamond earrings as well.


Select Matching Gems

Same as with your metals, the gems you choose to wear of your wedding day should all match as well. 

Let's say you have chosen earrings that feature blush-colored pearls. This means that you should make efforts to incorporate same-colored pearls somewhere else in your bridal ensemble whether that is your necklace, bracelet or headpiece. 

Bridal jewelry set june avenue


Apart from gems, the same rule also applies to crystals and diamond. To achieve a perfect look for your big day, you need to pay attention to every detail, meaning the color of the gems, their shape and size should all be coordinated with one another. 


Go for Timeless Pieces of Jewelry

As obvious as it may sound, you simply cannot go wrong with choosing wedding jewelry that never goes out of fashion. Pearls, colored stones, and silver necklaces are just a few types of timeless jewelry pieces that can be easily be combined with different wedding dress types, and that we all love today but will also be obsessed with 20 years from now. 

Drop pearl bridal earring june avenue

We have all looked at some wedding pictures from the past and thought to ourselves "What on earth were they wearing?", right? Well, if you do not want to look back at your own wedding photos with disgust, it is important to choose something classy and eternal.


Stick to What You Know

Even though your wedding day is a very special day, we advise you not to stray too far from your usual style. 

If you are not a big fan of jewels and you hardly ever wear them, there is no need to drown yourself in crystals, diamonds, or pearls on your big day. Instead, choose bridal jewelry that reflects who you are as a person. The goal is to be the most beautiful version of your normal self, not to feel uncomfortable just so that you can look best for your guests. 


Wedding couple june avenue

The people attending your wedding will be able to tell exactly how you feel, so do not let small things like the jewelry or accessories you are wearing steal that exceptional moment from you.