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Jewelry & Women: Why Do We Wear It?

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Jewelry & Women: Why Do We Wear It?

How many of us agree that when it comes to choosing our style, we rarely experience it's simple to answer a very complex question?


We,as women, are known to change our mind within seconds and sometimes it takes us forever to agree about something.


But somehow, in some weird miraculous way, women agree on one specific thing - We all love jewelry and we cannot imagine our lives without it.

Blame it on men or even on ourselves, but we love being spoiled by fine things. Who doesn't?

Along with the changes in both, time and the fundamental principles of society, women are grasping power over their independence more than ever. However, not all things have changed - we still haven't fallen out of love with jewelry. In the matter of fact, women are more into it now than ever before. This means we got to keep the best of both worlds.

Ever since we were kids, we were rummaging through our mom’s or older sister’s closet wanting to dress nice and look feminine. And what's more girly than jewelry?

As we grew older some things kept following us through periods, styles and trends. Jewelry was never a thing that left our side, so we decided to keep it forever.

Now, let's jump on the facts.

Identical as the general needs in life, studies have shown that women's need for jewelry can be divided into three main categories such as self-fulfillment needs, psychological needs and lastly, basic needs.

Put in a pyramid, these categories will follow the exact same order, with the self-fulfillment needs on the top of the pyramid.

Self-fulfillment is pretty self-explanatory. Today same as for the past two centuries, jewelry is a traditionally female domain. The confidence that jewelry provides to women is irreplaceable, thus we never fail to self-express in the right way.

When it comes to psychological needs, studies mention two major and probably well-known categories: self-esteem and belonging.

Self-esteem, logically is what initially drives us into wearing fine jewelry. It looks perfect, and so do women while wearing it. It produces a feeling of accomplishment, class, and prestige - basically something we all strive for.

Belonging is the pure feeling of owning something precious because it is meaningful. In most cases, it reminds us of people, places and overall warm and beautiful memories.

The basic need of owning jewelry would be the fact that we simply enjoy looking at it and wearing it. It perfectly feeds our senses. Sometimes there are no hidden meanings and philosophical myths about why women do the things they do. It is human nature.

The reason ''Why'' is a huge mix of beliefs, thinking systems, and intentions.

To most women, wearing jewelry has a purpose. That purpose is to feel special. To feel empowered.

And, if we are guilty of wanting to feel like ourselves, so be it.