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Ray of Sunshine on Your Hands

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Ray of Sunshine on Your Hands

Isn’t it obvious that we are talking about gold and gold plating here? Oh yes, we are!

Today, let’s bring a little sunshine into our lives. The gold has the spotlight and we will tell you exactly why you should absolutely adore the gold plated jewelry.

Gold, the world’s most respected metal, can sometimes be priceless. This just goes to show you how much the mankind honors this gift from the nature that we still try to protect at all costs. 

Gold plating is a process the jewelry industry practices frequently. Basically, it is a method of adding a layer of gold, most often a thin one onto another metal’s surface. The reason behind depositing this thin coat is because it perfectly serves the purpose. It protects the item from corrosion, therefore, improves the durability, embellish the reflectivity and gives the jewelry a golden look. Can you really ask for more?

Gold plating as a practice is widely known because of its efficiency in adding such a great quality to the jewelry for way less money than actually buying gold jewelry.

The truth is, not everybody likes the shiny golden looks, but the ones who do - would not trade gold for anything in the world!

If you happen to know a person or two who simply adores gold plated rings and jewelry, we have some sincere recommendations for you.

Wave rings are a timeless piece, and the Charlotte Wave Ring is exactly what we are talking about. The shade of gold is what makes such rings look so beautiful and sophisticated. The ring is paved with cubic zirconia accents and it indeed has a girly but lovely edgy note. This ring is perfect because it is the best of both worlds, and it can fit almost anyone's preference and style.

Luckily for those who do not feel like rebelling, we also have a touch of classic. What would a classic be if there is not any gold, right?

             Rings such as Amarra ring, coated in gold plating accompanied by clear crystals is the purest form of a classic. It is an ideal piece of jewelry for any occasion, style and looks. This ring is contained of four separate stones and probably is one of the most feminine rings one can ever have in their jewelry collection. 

If Candy Maze ring does not ring a bell for you, let us introduce you to this beauty. This ring is available in gold as well as silver plating, both equally astonishing! The Candy Maze ring has several vibrant stones and colorful cubic zirconia accents that just help to bring the look altogether.



Last but not least, we would like to mention one more jewelry piece that will have your hands fully covered in a shade of gold.

What can it possibly be? That’s right - a bracelet!

The Triangle Love Cuff Bangle can never disappoint anyone. This bracelet is available in shiny gold and silver plating and it represents a very adjustable fit. The triangle bangle is a timeless piece of simplicity and style. It is chic, elegant, sophisticated and stylish - all at once!