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Signature Pieces: Shop to Stand Out!

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Signature Pieces: Shop to Stand Out!

When you are looking for ways to hone your style, jewelry may be the best way to do so. For most women, jewelry is a necessary accessory. Not only that but since there are lots of different designs and types, everyone can find something that works perfectly for them and their style. The jewelry takes your look to the next level, makes you feel your best, and helps you stand from the crowd. Especially the signature pieces of jewelry.

Starting from simple silver gemstone earrings or bracelets, to astonishing big necklaces and rings, anything can be your signature jewelry - you just have to find it. If today feels like a good day to discover which type exactly is your signature jewelry, we are glad to guide you through this journey.

By the time you end up reading, you will comprehensively understand which type and piece of jewelry you should pick as signature jewelry and wear it constantly.

Shall we begin?

 Signature pieces of jewels and more jewelry, a woman's hand with silver rings and love bracelet 

Stick to One Type

Before you can actually commit to wearing only one type of jewelry as your signature jewelry, you need to decide on which type exactly that is. You cannot wear bracelets and necklaces as signature jewelry. Unfortunately, you have to pick one.

When making your decision, prioritize factors such as comfort and looks. Think about what kind of jewelry is most comfortable for wearing and whether you can imagine yourself wearing those pieces every day or not. As soon as you make a rational decision, stick to that type of jewelry.

To take your looks to the next level, you can consider pairing the same jewelry.

For example, if you love wearing rings, instead of constantly wearing only one ring, wear many all the time. This way you will automatically make the rings your signature piece(s). The same goes for the bracelets as well. In case you love wearing bracelets, try wearing multiple at once. Believe us, people will consider it your own form of expression, therefore you have achieved your goal.

However, here we would like to note that it is important to pay attention to the way you combine all these pieces of jewelry. There is nothing wrong with wearing several rings at once, just make sure they are all the same metal. This helps hone your signature look but still looks beautiful and clean.


 Bridal pearl earrings in a bride's hands

Stick to One Element

In case you are wondering what exactly does this mean, it has everything to do with the element you want your jewelry to feature.

Same as previously, when making a decision related to the main element of your signature piece of jewelry, you need you to think hard about what you really like. Pears are a great way for signature jewelry, but if you do not like them you should not force them at all. Opposite than that, if you do like pearls then we highly suggest considering them first. Everybody notices classical pearls, that that is exactly why they make amazing signature jewelry. Whether you are wearing a silver pearl ring, pearl drop earrings, or a simple pearl necklace, you will become recognized as the 'pearl girl'. From preppy to hippie dresses, pearls go with many different styles.

Other signature elements you might want to consider are the diamonds or the gemstone jewelry. While the diamond jewelry might be a bit expensive to purchase and collect, it still is a beautiful jewelry element that makes a bold statement. In case you are not in a position of amassing diamond jewelry, do not worry, you have the gemstones as alternative jewelry.

Everybody notices an amazingly colored gemstone, so you have no chance of going wrong by picking a gemstone piece of jewelry as your signature piece. Do you think someone will ignore the beautiful aquamarine ring that you love wearing almost every day? Exactly.

Pearl drop earrings on a woman in  a polka dot shirt


Stick to One Style

To be able to stick to one style, you first need to know what type of style that is. If you have not already defined your style, now is the right time to do so. Go and look through your closet. Pay attention to the clothes, other pieces of jewelry, shoes, and bags that you own, and see if one main style follows you through the entire tour. It can be classic cashmere, or vintage pieces, black leather, or exclusively denim, extend your search and look hard until you are able to completely define your personal style.

When you are done with the clothes, make sure the jewelry you own matches your style, because if not, additional steps will be needed.

Essentially, sticking to one style means perfectly combining your outfits with the signature jewelry.

  • If your vibe is vintage, then you should definitely look for vintage-looking and artisan jewelry, starting from deeply hued gemstones to filigree bracelets and rings.
  • In case your style is modern chic, then we suggest combining leather with diamonds. Don't forget the chains as well!
  • Lastly, if you are a fan of the more classical preppy look then gold monograms and classical pearls should be your chosen option.

Whatever your style is, the only way for it to become a signature is when you wear it a lot, jewelry included.

Woman with a white top and a statement necklace

Stick to One Piece

Needless to say, if you practice wearing at least one piece all the time, whether you like it or not, it is going to become your signature piece. As an advice, this is perfect for those who love keeping it simple, and for all the fashion minimalists out there. All that you have to do is choose one piece of jewelry that matches your everyday style, and wear it regularly. Instead of constantly combining different accessories, the easiest thing you have to do is find something you absolutely love and never take it off.

This, however, does not mean we are recommending only going for subtle pieces of jewelry. If you are not a timid one, then you can totally go for a bold chunky necklace, big gemstone ring, or a stack cuff. Such pieces of jewelry are unforgettable and will help you stand out without even trying!

So, listen to your inner self, choose your signature jewelry today, and wear it every day from now on!