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Special Gifts for Special Occasions!

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Special Gifts for Special Occasions!

From mother's day, to birthdays, anniversaries and engagements, there are gifts for every occasion! Gift giving is so much more than buying a gift and giving it to a person. 

Gifts hold quite a meaning for our loved ones, and that is something a lot of people fail to understand. Ultimately, this makes the difference between good and bad gifts, and frankly- we have all been on both ends of the story.

In this article, we would like to take you on a tour on how to improve your gift giving skills, or how to never go wrong when picking a gift for the people that matter to you.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the occasion. It is utmost important to choose the presents accordingly to the occasion. Another thing is to know the person you are buying a gift for well enough. If you are not in such a position, ask somebody who is close to that person.

These  tips will help you immensely, so make sure both are checked off of your list before you start your gift hunt.


#1 Birthday

We all have certain people in our lives that we never know what to buy them for their birthdays. You and I are those people to somebody else, and that is okay.

Birthdays and birthday gift giving are so underrated, which is extremely frustrating. Because we refuse to rely on that idea, we are bringing back the fashion of stressing over birthday gifts.

Birthdays are really the time to be creative, and there is no better gift than a personalized one.

A trip out of the country, one day in a spa center, 100 letters, photo collages, birthday baskets, mugs, jewelry, and flowers will luckily never go out of fashion.

Therefore, if you are out of ideas for a birthday present, you can never go wrong with making it as personal as possible. Engrave their name on a necklace or a key chain, make them a family portrait, a blanket with their favorite quote, designated glass, personalized doormat or cutting board, monogram candle with one of their initials, or a custom charm bracelet.

People simply love personalized things, so these kinds of gifts with warm their heart.

#2 Mother's Day

Mother's Day, in the majority of cultures, is one of the biggest occasions we all celebrate.

Because our mothers deserve the world, most of us give this day a lot of meaning. Reasonably.

There are literally millions of gift ideas for mother's day. Besides the good old classic of buying your mother flowers and chocolate, here are some other ideas you might want to consider.

The 'I love you mom' can be said in many different ways, one of which is giving your mother a piece of beautiful jewelry. Have you ever met a woman that does not appreciate quality jewelry? Neither have we.

A much better option for this gift is if the piece of jewelry is actually personalized. In this sense, you can get your mother a nice pair of silver earrings that say 'Mom', or a classic silver 'Mom' pendant.

Mom Heart shaped silver earrings for mother's day

You can also make a creative mug for your mom, a scented candle, or her favorite fragrance. Another thing you can purchase for your mom are some culinary elements, handmade coaster set, or a book.

Lastly, you can pay for your mother's relaxing massage, weekend getaway, or a delicious lunch. Whatever it is, your mother will appreciate it. Believe us.

#3 Graduation

Congratulating people on the success of their studies is often accompanied with a lot more than just 'Congrats'.

The thing with graduation gifts is that they can be usual gifts as well as themed ones. It is completely fine if you decide to give a traditional graduation gift. However, since this is a very special occasion, and sometimes it happens only once in a lifetime, we like to stick to the theme of the occasion. Therefore, here are some of the ideas for giving a themed gift.

It seems like we cannot get away from personalized jewelry, can we? Well, it is simply because of the fact it is pretty perfect for almost any occasion, so the graduations are no different.

Besides purchasing an initial necklace or earrings, you can also engrave a pen holder and a pan, notebook, wine bottle or even funnier - socks. Another amazing gift for a graduate is making a personalized framed print that congratulates them on their success as well as an engraved compact mirror. You can make a glass token that will carry a good message, or make graduation cupcakes.

As long as you play in the safe zone of black graduation hats and congratulating quotes, you are good.

#4 Anniversary

Anniversaries are far different from the rest of the occasions. The main difference comes in the creativity part, as the gifts for anniversaries are a little bit more universal.

While the birthday gifts we mention can serve as a great gift for an anniversary, we still advise you to stick to something that screams 'love' from the top of its lungs.

And, what says 'I love you' more than a heart-shaped anything? Nothing.

When it comes to anniversaries, as long as you stay in the heart-zone, you are safe.

Your male partner may not like a heart necklace as much as you do, but they will surely not mind a box full of heart shaped chocolates.

Silver necklace with heart shaped pendant and covered with cubic zirconia


Some of the best anniversary gifts are necklaces with heart pendants, a framed photo, a key chain with an engraved anniversary date, heart-shaped studs, a gold rose, chocolate and set of personalized pillowcases.

#5 Wedding

Wedding gifts can, in fact, be quite tricky.

Depending on how close you are to the people who are getting married, choosing the right gift for the couple can excruciating.

Fortunately, as for every other occasion, there are things you can gift at a wedding and not go wrong.

Among the bestselling wedding gifts, there is a number of personalized ones. In fact, the best wedding gifts are actually themed personal gifts that nobody minds getting. This is not a shocker, right?

Bride preparing jewelry for her wedding day


The most creative wedding gift ideas include personalized wooden alcohol crate, wine glasses, storage boxes, jewelry the bride can wear on her wedding day,  notebooks, and even dress hangers. You can also get the newlywed couple a set of bed sheets, mugs, or house appliances for their home.


The bottom line is, special occasions require special attention. It is safe to conclude you will never go wrong with personalized gifts such as mugs, jewelry, and key chains. If you think and look hard enough, you will eventually come to the realization that there is always a perfect gift for anybody for any occasion.

Happy gift searching!