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Stunning Designs for Winter Wedding Dresses You Will Love

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Stunning Designs for Winter Wedding Dresses You Will Love

As soon as the snowy season comes around, it is time to start dreaming of a walk down the aisle in a magical winter wonderland. Winter weddings, although they mean cooler temperatures, festive attire, and holiday celebrations, can still be a spectacular event for you, as the glorious bride as well as all of your guests. And, regardless of whether you are getting married in an iconic New York City venue, a country estate, or an Italian villa, there are some must-have trends to keep in mind when contemplating your bridal look.

Starting from traditional necklines to statement ones, sleeves to capes, the winter months are the perfect time to have fun with fashion. Illusion long sleeves, classic lace, stylish and cozy layers are just a few things that you can consider for achieving a flawless look that will keep you warm and glowing regardless of the weather. Besides the design and the material of the gown, what makes the winter wedding dresses so unique is that they come in a variety of winter wedding colors that will make it a lot easier to combine with the overall wedding theme you are planning.

To get inspired, here are six beautiful designs for winter wedding dresses we are more than sure you will absolutely adore.

Blouse Sleeves

When it comes to dressing for a winter wedding, having a dress with sleeves is a no brainier. Especially if your wedding reception and the party are held at a place or town known for low temperatures during winter, you will want your gown to keep you warm at all times.

Blouse Sleeves Wedding Dress on the beach


However, just because you are wearing a wedding dress with sleeves does not mean its design cannot be fun. Blouse sleeves, for instance, are a beautiful and classy way to make your dress chic. This dress, since it is very noteworthy, should be combined with simple bridal jewelry such as wedding necklace and earring sets with pearls. Make sure to either accessorize very little or not accessorize at all because you will already have a dress that will make everyone in awe.

Mock Necklines

The mock necklines, luckily, are making a real comeback, and we cannot be happier. 

This wedding dress' trend is an amazing way to leave a strong and powerful impression. In case you do like such a design, you will have to be sure the bridal shop or the designer you choose, has or makes these types of dresses as they are not easy to find nor easy to make. However, once you do find the right salon or designer for you, it will be totally worth the effort. 


Mock Neckline Wedding Dress June Avenue

The winter wedding dresses with mock lines look best when combined only with simple earrings, a crystal bracelet or some bridal hair accessories. Necklaces are out of the game for these dresses, as the neckline itself does not require too much accessorizing.


High-Low Hemlines

Even though this winter wedding dress style may not seem like an obvious selection, it still is something you can and should consider. 

This design, due to its asymmetrical and dramatic cut, will help you achieve a romantic and ethereal finished bridal look. While the whole point of this wedding dress style is to make a statement, you can really make it in length, materials, and color that will best suit your style. 


High Low hemline wedding dress june avenue

Such dress, unlike the previous two we talked about, gives you the opportunity to accessorize more and play with your wedding jewelry as much as you like. Especially if you are wearing a plain white dress that is short in front and dipping behind, then you can go for bigger and colored jewelry pieces just so that they will complement your overall bridal look perfectly.

Timeless Silhouette 

This trend simply never goes out of style. It is one of the simplest yet most astonishing bridal looks, so you really cannot go wrong with choosing a silhouette winter wedding dress. 

 Timeless silhouette wedding dress june avenue


This type of dress looks effortless yet so elegant that it is perfect for any bride, regardless of style and preference. Even though a silhouette wedding dress always looks beautiful on its own, the majority of brides that do choose such design, opt for delicate all-lace dresses, with full-length or three-quarter-length sleeves and V-neck or modest necklines. With such a dress, nice drop earrings or a bracelet is enough to give the finished look a personal touch.

Feminine Feathers

Needless to say, winter wedding dresses with feathers are one of the most appropriate and unique types of gowns you can wear for the occasion! During the winter months, the holiday season is in full swing, so glamorous extras like feathers feel right for the festive atmosphere of the season. 

From chic minis to fully-feathered gowns, you cannot really do a mistake by choosing such a wedding dress. Feathers add a feminine and fashionable touch to any look for the rehearsal dinner, the after-party or the wedding ceremony, so you are bound to look elegant but chic at the same time. 


Feathers Wedding Dress June Avenue

These dresses, depending on the number of feathers included as well as the parts of the gown they are present at, usually, do not require much accessorizing. If you go for a fully-feathered wedding dress then you should accessorize as little as possible. A silver bangle, stud earrings or a simple hairpiece will do the job. However, if you include feathers only in one part of your gowns such as the skirt or the sleeves, you can feel free to accessorize with bigger pieces of jewelry as well as colored wedding necklace and earring sets.

Captivating Lace

Last on the list, a pure classic. 

Lace is bridal's most popular fabric choice as it is appropriate but slightly edgy as well. Opting for an all-lace gown is not an uncommon thing to do because today, there are numerous designs of lace winter wedding dresses that can fit anyone's taste. Starting from conservative to extremely sexy lace gowns, there really is something for everybody. 


Stunning Lace Wedding Dress June Avenue

Generally, due to the sophisticated look of the material, lace dresses do not need much accessorizing so it is best to complement the overall bridal look with beautiful drop earrings, a bracelet, a bridal belt or a sparkly piece of hair accessory.