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Tips on Choosing Wedding Jewelry You Will Love

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Tips on Choosing Wedding Jewelry You Will Love

A wedding is one of the most remarkable events in the life of an adult. It definitely is a moment most of the women live for, and it is a basic part of cultures worldwide. Every couple strives to make their wedding the best event ever, thus there is no wonder why as an occasion, the weddings are given a lot of importance.

One of the best ways to add glamour and glitz to your most special day is through stylish and elegant jewelry. The bridal jewelry is just as important as the rest of the elements composing the bridal looks, including the dress, shoes, and veil. 

Because the majority of the brides often find it difficult to get the right jewelry items for their wedding day, we decided to make a quick guide. Stick to it and you will end up with the perfect jewelry pick for your perfect wedding!


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#1 Do Not "Overdo" It!

First and foremost, it is crucial to understand that "Less is more". Especially in this case. Do not take the risk of overdoing your bridal look and adding unnecessary jewelry. Your wedding jewelry should blend well with the overall look, not outshine your wedding costume.

For instance, if you have a wedding gown that is on the simpler side, this means that you can go for a bolder statement by wearing a larger necklace, or a gemstone necklace

On the other hand, if your wedding dress has an ornate neckline, stay away from necklaces because it might look "too busy". Instead, choose pearl drop earrings or hoop earrings that will best help you complement the look. 

Also, be careful when choosing the bracelet as it can steal the attention. In case your dress already has a lot of decorations, opt a simple crystal bracelet.  

#2 Avoid Combining Too Many Colors 

If you never thought that the jewelry can come in too many colors, now is the time to think twice about it. The strictest no-no for wedding jewelry is combining too many colors. It does not look good, nor you will feel good about your bridal look. 

Instead of going for multicolored jewelry that can potentially look messy and kill the flawless look of your gown, go for something single or bi-colored.

Therefore, your look cannot include several different gemstones. Either choose bracelets, gemstone stud earrings, and necklace that have a stone in the same color or go for something that is in a single color. 

Here, it is also important to remember not to mix gold plated jewelry with silver plated one. 

#3 Do Not Forget About the Hair

Your bridal look will never be fully complete without a beautiful hairstyle. Not only you will have to look for the best hairdresser in town to make the best possible hairstyle for your wedding day, but you should also remember that the hair needs decorations too! 

Keep in mind - if you go above and beyond with your hair decorations, then you will have to cut back on your body jewelry. That is why it is essential to decide which one is more important to you.

One of the most exceptional and noteworthy accessories you can wear on your special day is a tiara. Depending on the look of your dress, you can either choose a gold plated tiara such as the Crystal Raindrop Tiara, or you go for a Vintage Tiara decorated with golden leaves. Regardless of which one you choose, we guarantee you will feel like a princess.

As mentioned, if you end up deciding on beautifying your hairstyle, then avoid wearing noticeable and large earrings and necklaces.

#4 Consider the Fabric of Your Wedding Dress

The material your dress is made of always plays or at least should play a huge role in your jewelry decision-making. The traditional wedding dress fabrics most of the brides choose are Charmeuse, Satin, Chiffon, Tulle, Organza, and Lace. Besides these, modern brides also choose from the many types of silk such as Mikado, Gazar, and Radzimir, all of which have a rise in demand.

This leads us to the next point worth considering. Assuming you are not an expert for combining different fabrics with different jewelry materials, you should be extra careful with this. In case you are not sure about whether you should choose silver, yellow gold, or rose gold jewelry, analyze the fabric of your dress. Reasonably, decide on the same color palette.

This means that if your wedding gown is white, you should choose silver or platinum jewelry pieces. Opposite than that, if your dress is ivory, pieces colored in shades of gold will best enhance your look.

If you go for a wedding dress that has a pink undertone, rose gold jewelry could be the perfect metal for your jewelry. The shades and tones of your gown can give you hints about the color of the jewelry pieces that will best match it. The lighter the dress the lighter the color of the jewelry. That is the golden rule. 

#5 Choose Comfort

Although a lot of you might disagree stating that the wedding is only one day and that we should sacrifice your comfort in order to look stunning for several hours, we highly disagree.

Looking perfect without feeling perfect has no purpose. If you, as a bride, do not feel comfortable, you will not enjoy a minute of your wedding day. Whether it is the shoes, the itchy material of the dress, the extremely large earrings, or the crazy heavy necklace, not being comfortable will cause you a lot of trouble. Not only your mind will constantly be focused on your pain and inconvenience, but it will also show on your face. Nobody likes a moody bride, so do not be one!

That is why we recommend going for something comfortable. Even if you end up with just a bridal pin as an accessorize, yet you feel the best ever, then you have won. Pick pieces that feel natural to you, regardless of what the others are saying. If you do not like wearing big pieces of jewelry, or you do not feel yourself that way, then do not force it. Just because this is only one that should not be the excuse but the justification. You and your partner are the two people who should have the most fun on their wedding day, thus allow yourself that feeling. 

However, this does not mean you should not be on a hunt for bridal jewelry. Quite the opposite, you should definitely look and try different colors, styles, and sizes of jewelry pieces. You never really know what you may fall in love with, and what can ultimately complete your impeccable bridal look.  

That being said means that you should perceive wearing jewelry on your wedding day as a matter of choice rather than an obligation. Especially on that significant day, do not listen to what others are saying and do what feels right and comfortable for you. At the end of the day, it is your wedding, not theirs.