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Wedding Inspiration: How to Personalize Your Wedding

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Wedding Inspiration: How to Personalize Your Wedding


If you have ever attended a wedding, then you are probably already aware of the effort the bride and the groom put into personalizing their wedding. While choosing the desired color palette can be considered as customization of the celebration, the majority of couples take the process of wedding planning and personalizing a bit further in order to create an event that looks and feels unique, at least to them. 

From the location itself to the cocktail stirrers, furry best friends, and other subtle details, everyone loves when the bride and groom infuse their love story or background into their big day. After all, your wedding day is a day that celebrates you and your partner's love, therefore reflecting who you are as a couple will be an anticipated but also highly welcomed gesture.

In case you are on the lookout for creative ideas on how to personalize your wedding, be sure to keep reading.

Ways to Personalize Your Ceremony

First and foremost, the wedding ceremony.

Since the ceremony is the first part of your big day, if you are aiming for a personalized wedding, then the ceremony is a good place to start.

Wedding ceremony by June Avenue

Here are some simple ways to personalize your wedding ceremony without adding extra stress to the biggest day of your life so far.

  • Select a Song That Means a Lot to You and Your Partner for When You Walk Down the Aisle

Every couple picks "their song" for their first dance, and you and your partner will probably do the same thing. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile, choose a song that means a lot to you as a couple for your walk down the aisle as well. The best way to tell your love story is through a song, "your" song.

  • Involve Friends and Family Members Into the Most Important Chores

To be able to do so, you can consider asking a friend or family member to sing with the choir or a friend to ordain your ceremony. The whole point of customizing your wedding will be achieved this way.

  • Personalize Your Wedding Invitations

Not only you can make your wedding invitations in your favorite color or the color of your wedding theme, but you can also additionally personalize your invitations by including your favorite quite in them. Believe us - Everyone will notice the effort, and most likely will never forget that quote!

  • Carefully Choose the Location of Your Save-The-Date Photos

One of the most efficient ways to embody your love story at your wedding is by taking the save-the-date photo shoot at a location that means a lot to you and your partner. It can be the place where the two of you first met, the park where he proposed, or any other location that has a meaning in your relationship.

  • Create a Fun Table for the Gifts

Instead of using a plain simple table for the wedding gifts, designate a specific place for the wedding gifts only. While it can be a table, you can also make it in baskets or other similar containers, depending on the theme of the wedding. The thing is to make it as fun and personalized as possible.

  • Incorporate Your Initials

Whenever and wherever there is a chance to incorporate you and your partner's initials, make sure to do so. However, if you are taking your husband's last name, keep in mind to incorporate your new initials. Such customization can involve throwing confetti initials instead of traditional confetti or rice, as well as placing a monogram at the aisle entrance with your initials. 

Ways to Personalize Your Reception

Wedding reception by June Avenue

Next on the list is the wedding. These are the best ways and most noticeable ways to customize your wedding reception:

  • Include a Unique Wedding Guest Book

You can do the guest book in a design and/or colors that are personalized to you and your partner as a couple. Also, a fun idea is to do the guest book as a photo display.

  • Do Different Table Decorations

Among the best ways of personalizing your wedding is by including as many personal elements as possible. Table decorations are perfect for this purpose. 

For instance, you can display fun facts about you and your partner on each table, you can monogram your wedding napkins and balloons if there are any, and you can also create centerpieces that are in different themes for each table. Some additional customized ideas include naming each table after your favorite movies/songs, as well as having a kids table with printable activities, coloring books, and crayons. 

  • Have Mismatched Bridesmaids

If you are loving the idea of your bridesmaids not wearing the same color or dress type, then you can give them the freedom to choose what they are going to wear on your big day. Frankly, there is no better personalization than allowing your girls to wear whatever they want. 

In case you are contemplating going a little further, you can have them at least wear accessories that are in the same color as your wedding jewelry or bridal hair accessories. You can also have matching wedding necklace and earring sets, or ask them to wear something similar or identical to your bridal jewelry. That way you and your bridesmaids will complement each other without having them dressed identically. 

  • Create Your Own Playlist

At least a month prior to your wedding, sit down with your partner and write down all of your favorite songs. Once the list is complete, hand the DJ the playlist to make sure your favorite songs are played at your wedding.

  • Add Several "Food Stations"

Needless to say, food stations are a fun and memorable experience, so if you want to make your wedding amusing to your guests, instead of having a buffet, add several food stations. You can do food stations with you and your partner's favorite foods such as cheese, sushi, and gourmet appetizers and will have your guest constantly occupied with trying and combining different foods from the different stations.

  • Choreograph a Dance Routine

Whether it is with your groomsmen, bridesmaids, or partner, to effectively personalize your wedding, we advise you to choreograph a dance routine on one of your favorite songs or a mix of them all. This, not only will be a great and fun surprise for all of your guests, but you can make it be a surprise for your partner as well. No one forgets such experiences, so a dance choreography is really worth the time and effort.