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Types of Wedding Jewelry That Never Go out of Fashion

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Types of Wedding Jewelry That Never Go out of Fashion

Shopping for bridal jewelry is not a cakewalk, but a challenging task that deserves a lot of your attention. 

For a bride-to-be, it is absolutely normal to be searching every corner and nook to make the best choices possible for everything starting from the venue to clothing and jewelry. When it comes to weddings, there is no room for mistakes, therefore the preparation can become a tiresome and rough process. 

That is why, today, we are going to talk about the wedding jewelry evergreens you should know about, in hopes of easing things up for you. Shopping for jewelry is as simple as you make it, and during your wedding preparations, jewelry shopping should be a rather pleasant experience, not a stressful one.

In case you are stuck with your jewelry selection, this article might be just right for you. 

Here are the bridal jewelry types that will never go out of fashion, meaning you cannot go wrong with any of the items on the list.


Starting off with a classic, the pearl has long been a symbol for aesthetics and refined taste. 

As a result, this organic gem will probably never stop making an impact and being women's first jewelry choice for their wedding day.

Besides looking beautiful and timeless, one of the best things about pearls is that they come in various forms and sizes. Accordingly your own preference, you can choose the way to incorporate pearls in your bridal look. 

Whether you jump on the bandwagon of wearing a gown featuring pearls or decide to go for pearl detailed shoes and clutch, these stones are perfect for enhancing your overall look. 

Pearl and crystal bridal hair comb june avenue


Although wearing pearls as a part of your outfit is completely fine, pearl jewelry is the utmost elegant accessory you can wear on your big day. From pearl rings to earrings, necklaces and bridal hair accessories such as pearl hair combs, there are just too many options to choose from. And, you will not make an error by opting for either one of them.

Colored Stones

Although people might argue with this, colored stones do have a connection with the wedding for a long time.

In many cultures, accessorizing with colored stones is a tradition, while today they most often embody uniqueness. 

People, especially the ones who firmly believe in astrology and spirituality, appreciate colored stones due to the reason they represent meaningful gems not only stones that are colored. That is why it is not hard to find people that wear jewelry that features their birthstone, or engagement rings that reminisce a certain memory of the couple. 

Like every rule, there is an exception to this one as well. Just because the stone is colored, does not mean it has to have a deeper meaning for the person who wears it. This is where the colored stones find their way to being a part of the accessory of the bride, simply adding vibrancy, sparkle, and individuality to her look. 

So, if you like rings, necklaces, or earrings that feature colored stones but do not necessarily believe in their signification, we say go for it! 

Regarding the color of the stone, you are about to pick, however, you should be very careful. It has to make sense and the color has to perfectly match the whole wedding theme. 

In case the colored stones are the only color you want to incorporate in your look, then you should consider the color of your flowers, the color of the dresses of your bridesmaids or any other color that prevails on your wedding day. That is how you know you are about to make the right decision and accomplish the color coordination you (should) strive for. 

Silver Necklaces

Out of all jewelry items, silver necklaces are the ones that do not seem to ever go away. For a very good reason. 

Silver matches white perfectly, therefore it is the winning wedding combination. Even though there are brides that love mixing white and gold, which, if done correctly, can look amazing, white and silver is an invincible pair. Not only it is extremely easy to incorporate silver when you are wearing a white dress, but it also adds a touch of charm and luxury to the bridal look. 

A silver necklace, however, is a broad term. There are way too many designs and styles of these necklaces that you have to know exactly what you are looking for if you want to make the right decision. 

How would you know, you ask? 

Simple. Look at the neckline of your wedding attire. 

When choosing a necklace, many brides act out of emotion such as liking or connection to a necklace, therefore neglect the neckline. This, unfortunately, is a common and one of the worst wedding jewelry mistakes a bride can do.

One thing is for certain - some necklaces do not go well with specific types of necklines, and that is something you should pay much attention to. 

For instance, pendant necklaces go well with V-necks, and round necklaces go well with round necklines, so keep these in mind when making a choice. 

Statement Earrings

In case you are in the mood of being bold and edgy for your wedding day, statement earrings are the perfect pick for you.

The bridal outfit, including the dress, might not give you the opportunity to express your own sense of fashion. So, this is where the statement jewelry comes to play. 

Wearing statement jewelry on the wedding day, as a trend, has been rapidly growing as brides nowadays are not afraid to include bolder pieces to what is supposed to be a fairy-tale-like wedding. 

Daisy floral drop bridal earrings june avenue


While wearing a crazy-colored necklace or shoes might seem a bit too much, statement earrings are enough to make an effect. Depending on whether you like colors or not, you can either go for big colorless crystal earrings or a more courageous version such as gold drop and hoop earrings. 

If none of the mentioned items fit your personal style, look for something that represents you and best believe, people will notice your efforts.