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Wedding on a Budget: 5 Ideas to Get Married for Less

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Wedding on a Budget: 5 Ideas to Get Married for Less

Weddings can cost quite a lot, and if you are about to get married, you are probably already familiar with this fact. According to a study done by Business Insider in 2018, the average wedding cost in the United States is $33,391, so it is no wonder why many American couples are looking for ideas for a wedding on a budget.

However, reasonably, to be able to have a wedding on a budget you first need to determine your budget and try everything in your power not to exceed it. From the venue to your wedding dress and decorations, there are multiple ways to save money and still have a spectacular wedding.

So, in case you do not have a minimum of $30,000 to blow, here are five ideas to have a memorable, fun, and stylish wedding without getting into debt.

Idea #1: Have the Reception and the Ceremony at the Same Venue

It is true that renting a function hall or a building for your wedding can be very expensive, but what is more expensive is renting two venues instead of one. If you want to pull off a wedding on a budget, the first thing you need to tick off of your to-do list is finding a venue that will be perfect for both, your reception and ceremony. 

Couple at a Wedding Venue by June Avenue


While on the lookout, consider all possible options. This includes thinking about having an outdoor reception or ceremony as well as having them at your home or backyard. You can even consider having your ceremony in a public place, for example in a beautiful picturesque park near your home.

However, if you end up going the outdoor route, our biggest suggestion is to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather. This might mean renting a few industrial fans if the weather is too hot or renting a sturdy tent if the forecast predicts rain.

Idea #2: Keep Your Wedding Intimate

Needless to say, intimate weddings are the smartest idea for having a fancy wedding while on a budget. When choosing who to invite to your wedding, it can be easy to get carried away. But, to cut costs, you need to think rationally and keep the guest list limited only to family and close friends. 

Wedding reception by June Avenue

The best way to do so is by creating a full guest list of people who you want and think should attend your wedding. Then, reduce your list by 20%. Once you do it, try cutting down another 20%. If you are happy with how your list looks, you have done a great job, but if you are not, continue whittling your list as needed.

Idea #3: Hit the Sales

Keeping an eye on the end-of-season and mid-season sales at your favorite merchant's could save you a ton of money, so definitely do that. The biggest recommendation we have for those who want to have a wedding on a budget is not to rush into making decisions. The whole point of having a limited-cost wedding is to find the right moment for making important and large purchases such as the gown, bridal jewelry, flowers, and bridesmaid dresses. 

Bridal Shop Sales by June Avenue

What you can do is, for example, call your favorite bridal shop and ask them whether or not they are having sales near time soon, if this type of information is not available online. Additionally, you can contact jewelry shops to ask them about promotions and future sales so you do not end up spending thousands of dollars on wedding jewelry. 

This way you may find beautiful and quality wedding necklace and earring sets or bridal hair accessories for reduced prices, all of which will give you more financial freedom regarding other wedding aspects.

Idea #4: Utilize the Talents of Your Friends and Family

Do you have a friend or a family member who is an event planner, DJ, photographer, or a talented musician? 

Wedding dancing by June Avenue

If so, kindly ask them if they would like to help out, whether it is by offering their services at decreased prices or for no charge at all. Chances are the people who love you will have no problem photographing your wedding or singing during the reception. Best believe, they will probably be honored to do so.

Idea #5: Make Your Cake and Decorations Yourself

While the prices for wedding cakes in America vary depending on the style and the size of the cake, most couples spend between $300-$700 for the most special dessert on their most special day.

Just because it seems terrifying to do a 300 dollar-cake, does not mean that you cannot at least try to make your wedding cake yourself. If you do not possess the required skills, ask a friend or a family member who does, and months prior to the wedding, attempt creating a tasty gorgeous cake or cupcakes instead of a cake, for the number of people you plan on inviting at your wedding. The most crucial part here is for that number not to be too large because otherwise, without experience in making wedding cakes, your efforts will, unfortunately, be fruitless. 

Wedding cake by JUne Avenue

In case the cake does not turn out to be something you are capable of doing, there is another thing that you can definitely do yourself - wedding decorations.

Honestly, all you need to do is a vision and probably a Pinterest account. Whatever you want your wedding theme to be, search for inspiration photos online and make a list of all the elements you need for your decorations. 

For example, let's say you want to have a rustic wedding. This means that you will need a lot of natural as well as old-looking elements. The best way to pull off this look is by actually going for old pieces as well as elements that you can gather from nature yourself. Additionally, you can sign up on various marketplaces where you can find second-hand decors such as vases, lanterns, plants, wooden palettes, jars, romantic lights, mirrors, and whatnot. 

Ask your friends and family to help you assemble the look, and with that save a lot of money you would spend otherwise.