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What Do Rings on Different Fingers Symbolize?

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What Do Rings on Different Fingers Symbolize?

Since the beginning of time, jewelry holds a lot more meaning to what most people assume. It is not just about what type of jewelry you wear, but about the way you wear and own it as well.

More than 95% of the world's population do not know the rings' symbolism and their relationship to different fingers. And, that is exactly what you are going to learn today.

The rings are more than just gorgeous pieces of jewelry. They are the interface of your personality, self-expression, and relationship status.

Before accessing your hands with various rings, it is important to understand the message you are sending out to the world through your ring wearing etiquette.

This being said, let's talk about the different meanings of the rings as the most beautiful universal jewel.

  • The Thumb

  • Uncommon for the women, but reasonably common for men, the rings worn on the thumb are thought to make a bold statement.

    Ruled by Mars, the thumb is believed to embody persistence, leadership, insistence, and vitality. Even though it depends on society, the larger part of the Earth's population thinks of the thumb rings as a sign of influence and wealth. That is why the rings that are designed to be worn on this finger are more often than not exceptionally broad and noteworthy.

    The thumb is the most distant finger from the other fingers on our hands. Due to this, the people who love wearing multiple rings at the same time prefer wearing a thumb ring in order not to overcrowd their hands with jewelry.

    Rings worn on the first finger has been a way of ensuring success since ancient times. Back then, these rings were created from leather, therefore symbolized a strength of mind, manhood, and skills with weapons.

    Today, the thumb rings are still considered to carry a heavy power as many experts advise wearing rings on the thumb for improved mental health and developed will.

    2. The Index / Pointer Finger

    Opposite than thumb rings, women more commonly practice wearing rings on their index fingers than men. Since we use the index/pointer finger more than any other, people are often led by the natural instinct to keep it clear and not accessorize it at all. However, for the real ring lovers, the index finger is almost always a go-to choice.

    In ancient times, prominent and high powered people followed a practice of wearing rings on their index fingers. During those times, such a practice symbolized imperious temper.  What is even more interesting is that back in those days, men were the ones whose preferable location for wearing rings was the index finger. Something that today is more practiced by women than men themselves.

    For the index finger, the astrological association is Jupiter, which represents authority, power, and leadership. This makes the index finger the perfect one for rings such as class rings, and membership or family crests.

    While the rings that are specifically designed to be worn on the index finger are usually made of bright silver, there are a number of other materials and design that can be found. The best thing about the index finger is that you do not necessarily have to look for an "index finger ring", but can also choose what you like and adjust it to fit your pointer finger. For the most part, the men go for bigger and bolder rings for their index finger, while the majority of women settle for an elegant silver ring or sometimes even a silver gemstone ring.

    Last but not least, wearing rings on the index finger is believed to help develop confidence and self-esteem so the psychologists recommend them for anyone who is insecure and indecisive.

    3. The Middle Finger

    The middle finger is the largest and definitely most dominant finger on our hands. Apart from the most famous hand gesture, wearing a ring on this finger is surprisingly uncommon. Even the ones who do decide on accessorizing this finger, they usually keep it small and simple.

    Needless to say, the middle finger gets the name based on anatomy. Due to its position in the middle of the hand, as well as its association with Saturn, the middle finger is reasonably believed to symbolize balance and responsibility. On this note, Saturn is lead by metal, so as mentioned, gray simple metals are a common choice for the people who do wear rings on their middle fingers.

    Due to its symbolism, the middle finger rings are recommended to anyone who wants to bring harmony in their lives. If a person is seen wearing a jewel on their middle finger, it is always assumed they have a unique personality, self-confidence, and are serious people.

    4. The Ring Finger

    If you are wondering how the fourth finger got its name, instead of being 'the fourth' finger on the hand, it has a lot to do with ancient western cultures. Among these civilizations, the people were the first to ever associate that finger with love, therefore engagements and marriage, since they believed a major artery ran through that finger directly connecting it to the heart. That is why the finger was a so-called "vena amoris", or “love artery”.

    For the bigger part of the world, this exact finger, the ring finger is frequently linked to wedding symbolism. Hence, wearing a band on the left ring finger indicates marriage, while the band on the right fourth finger indicated engagement.

    That said, for their wedding or engagement rings nearly all men opt for a simple silver or gold ring. The women, on the other hand, wear the engagement ring chosen by her fiancé, which is usually a diamond ring, an eternity gemstone ring or a silver pearl ring.

    Despite their marital status, there are people who simply love wearing rings on their fourth, ring finger. Due to the finger's association with the Moon, these people are considered creative and extraordinary. The Earth's Moon symbolizes romantic relationships, obviously, but it also is a symbol for beauty and artistry.

    Further, the size of the ring worn on the fourth finger reveals a number of other things.

    Small-sized rings signify the wearer having a self-confident, harmonic, and level-headed personality. The medium-sized rings indicate the wearer is familiar with the harmony and the balance of their inner self, while the large rings represent passion and suggest the wearer is prone to making abrupt decisions.

    5. The Little (Pinky) Finger

    Out of all five fingers, the little finger is the only one that does not have any cultural or religious associations, at least not in most of the cultures around the world. Despite this difference, the little finger, just as any other finger on our hands, is associated with a certain planet.

    Mercury is the planet of the smallest finger and it is the symbol for luck, especially in business. It is believed that by wearing a ring on the little finger, you are going to improve your business relations or be promoted. Due to its connection with Mercury, people also tend to correlate this finger with persuasion and intelligence.

    If you are not familiar with the fact that the little finger is also called pinky finger, let us reveal its relation to the 'pinky swear'.

    The type of swear was invented back in the 1860s in America and can be made by touching the little fingers of two people. Once the fingers are attached one to another it is considered a promise has been made. Even though the pinky swear is most popular in the U.S it presumably started in Japan. We believe that every person has done a pinky swear with a friend or a family member at least once in their life, therefore it is needless to further explain the origin of the finger's nickname.