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Winter Wedding Accessories: Which Ones You Should Not Miss out On?

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Winter Wedding Accessories: Which Ones You Should Not Miss out On?

If you are a winter bride, you are in for a truly magical wedding day. Twinkling lights, crisp air, and the freshly fallen snow, all make some seriously charming nuptials - and you deserve stylish winter wedding accessories to match.

Unlike other seasons, winter can be a very brutal one, so it requires more than usual: a bit more warm clothes, a bit more skin, and hair care, and comforting food and drinks. The same rule applies to weddings, meaning that winter brides indeed have more thinking to do as opposed to the women who get married during warmer months. 

From fashionable accessories to ones that are absolutely necessary, we gathered a whole bunch of ideas for winter wedding accessories that will make you look modern and chic while feeling cozy at the same time. Plus, you will look absolutely stunning in outdoor wedding portraits!

Bridal Cover-Up

First things first - the cover-up.

For every winter bride, a cover-up is a must. Not only it will help you stay warm but it also is a piece of clothing that perfectly complements the overall bridal look. Depending on the design of your gown, you can either opt for a more elegant or more trendy cover-up. 

Let's take a look at the different options!

Fur Stole

For the bride who wants a comfortable but beautiful wedding accessory that screams luxury and elegance, a fur stole is a way to go. 


Fur Stole Bridal Coat by June Avenue

This type of cover-up looks amazing with strapless gowns and because it does not cover up too much of your ensemble, a fur stole will look great in your wedding photos. 

Based on the color of your wedding dress, or the wedding theme, you can choose a white, ivory, beige or a darker colored one.  



In case you are aiming for a fantasy-inspired ensemble, a winter wedding cape is а perfect accessory for you. 


Wedding Bridal Cape by June Avenue

Such a cover-up will make you feel like a true princess, and let's be honest for a second, who does not want to feel like a princess (or queen) on their wedding day?


Faux Fur Coat

Faux fur coats simply never go out of style.

When you are having a wedding during freezing temperatures, wearing a soft warm coat is a clever idea. Regardless of whether your dress has long sleeves or does not have sleeves at all, the truth is - a fur coat is going to be your best friend. 


Faux Fur Bridal Coat by June Avenue

Unlike the fur stole, a faux fur coat will cover up more of your outfit but it will keep you a lot warmer during your outdoor photoshoot or wedding reception.


Trendy Boots

Besides the cold, winter almost always equal snow. If you are not that lucky to experience a beautiful snowfall during your wedding day, then there are high chances that there will be a lot of muddy scenery. 

So, what does this mean? You guessed it right - Boots!

Boots are the ultimate life-savior when it comes to winter weddings. They will keep you warm at all times but will also look beautiful and completely appropriate for both the occasion and the season. 


Trendy Wedding Boots By June Avenue

So, instead of asking for trouble with sky-high heels, get yourself a pair of stylish snow boots to have them on hand. Even though you are not going to wear them all the time, they will be very useful especially when you are going to and from your wedding venue. 



Another winter classic, a pair of soft and stylish mittens are a must-have.

As aforementioned, winter weddings do require a lot more thinking about the details of your wedding day. Among these details is your bouquet that you will be holding for the most part of the day, including your wedding photoshoot. 


Bridal Mittens By June Avenue

That is why we advise you to get yourself a pair of warm mittens and forget about clutching your bouquet with cold hands. Having gloves in your purse can go a long way if you want to make your photoshoot a bit more bearable for your digits. 

You can even purchase matching mittens with your bridesmaids and have more interesting photographs of your big day (matching gloves also great gifts for your girls).


Bridal Hair Accessories

Considering the fact that winter wedding dresses do not need much accessorizing, a beautiful bridal headpiece is an accessory you should not miss out on. This, however, does not mean you should not think about adding some bridal jewelry or purchasing several wedding necklace and earring sets to try combining your dress. It simply means that bridal hair accessories are the right pick for winter weddings as opposed to focusing on wedding jewelry only.

On this topic, just like with the bridal cover-ups, there are many different options to choose from. To easily make a decision, you should first think about your bridal hairstyle and then select the hair accessory you believe will be the best fit for your look.

Hairbands & Tiaras

Among the most elegant hair accessories is, of course, the tiara. Subtle and sweet, this accessory will doubtlessly make your look even more perfect and sparkly. A simple bridal tiara can really make a huge difference and if you are not sure about that, we encourage you to give one a try. 

Bridal Tiara By June Avenue


In case you are all about that bling-bling in your head but you do not a tiara fan, you can go for a crystal hairband or a vine, that basically does the same thing without the princess effect.


Hair Pins & Combs

For the brides that do not like big statement headpieces, luckily, there is an equally wide selection of gorgeous hairpins and combs. 

Perfect for almost every hairstyle, these accessories add romantic sparkle to any bridal look. 

Bridal Hairpin by June Avenue

Depending on your own preference of shape and color, you should not have issues finding the perfect hairpin or comb for your wedding.



Last on the list, we recommend considering wearing a hat at your winter wedding. 

We know that the majority of women hate hats and do not even think about them when it comes to their bridal ensemble, but you, as a winter bride, have to at least consider it. 

Bridal Winter Hat By June Avenue

A hat, especially a fur one, will add elegance to your look but will also save your hair and make you feel comfortable on a cold day. It may not be the best option for staying warm but it still is a very stylish one!