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Your Birthstone: Colors & Meanings

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Your Birthstone: Colors & Meanings

Twelve different months. Twelve different birthstones. Do you know which one is yours?

In simple words, birthstones are gemstones that are believed to represent each month of the year alongside with the people born in those months. The birthstones we associate with the months today are not necessarily the same as centuries ago. However, the tradition followed us and we currently have twelve different gemstones assigned to the twelve different months of the years.

Wearing your birthstone is thought to bring good health, protection, and luck. The majority of astrologers also attribute supernatural powers to these stones, thus there is no harm in knowing which is your monthly birthstone.

January: Garnet

Belonging to the group of silicate minerals, garnets come in many different colors. However, the red variant of the stone is usually the one recognized as the birthstone for January.

                                  Garnet red birth stone jewelry                                     


This gemstone is thought to guide the wearers through dark times and help them let go of their nightmares.

The word "Garnet" itself signifies "seed" since the gem resembles the shape and color of a pomegranate seed. Because the month January is so near to the new lunar cycle, the garnets are also considered symbols of movement and travel. Therefore, the deep red gem is believed to keep the ones wearing it safe during their journeys.

February: Amethyst

The amethyst, February birthstone, is widely associated with a balanced mindset.

                               Amethyst birth stone ring with clear diamonds

The beautiful purple colored gem is said to give the wearer courage and strengthen their relationships. Like a gem, the amethyst is believed to bring temperance, tranquility, and peace in the life of its wearer, as well as help them relax their mind. At one point in history, only the royalty was allowed to wear this gemstone.

The name of the stone comes from the Greek word "amethystos" which means "sober". Therefore, it is not unusual to find that the gem represents sobriety since the ancient Greeks thought the stone is guarding them against intoxication.

March: Aquamarine

Reasonably, the aquamarine is a blue gem that has a calming effect. The March birthstone is thought to cure diseases, the heart, stomach, and liver.

The gem is associated with the sea, thus it is believed to protect the sailors in their journeys. The sone stands for love, friendship and hope, and it also represents courage, self-expression, and creativity.

                                    Aquamarine birth stone gold necklace


The aquamarine is believed to improve the overall happiness and increase the health of the wearer.

April:  Diamond

Not only diamonds are girl's best friends, but they also are the April birthstone. Elegant and flawless, the diamonds are the ultimate symbol for everlasting love regardless of the color. In fact, they come in many different shapes and colors.

You will be able to find a transparent, gray, yellow, brown, purple, orange, green, and black diamond no matter where you look for it.

                              Large black diamond with smaller stones scattered, birth stone

Once, the diamonds were thought to bring courage as well. For those born in April, the gemstone is known to increase the purity and strength, similar to its own characteristics.

In Sanskrit, the diamonds signify 'lightening' and carry the name 'Vajra'. The same word, in Hindu mythology, means the weapon of the king of gods, Indra.

May:  Emerald

The emerald is a gorgeous green stone that represents wisdom and health. The May birthstone was actually one of the favorite gems of Cleopatra.

For a long time, the stone has been associated with love, rebirth, and fertility as well.

                                   Emerald birth stone square shaped pendant necklace with clear diamonds


The Ancient Romans are known for adoring this specific gemstone that they even dedicated it to the goddess of beauty and love, Venus.

Today, the emerald is thought to bring peace, wisdom, and hope to the wearer.

June: Pearl

The pearls, as one of the oldest pieces of fine jewelry, are the birthstone of all those born in the month of June.

For centuries, the pearls have symbolized passion and purity. The history remembers the pearls as the tears of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. At least, that is what the Ancient Greeks believed in.

                                  Pearl birth stone rings on black background

The meaning of pearls has not much changed since the classical pearls did and still represent loyalty, purity, integrity, and generosity of its wearer. There is a number of colors the pearls come in, but the milky pearls are considered the June birthstone. Further, this gem is believed to help anxiety and nervousness.

July: Ruby

Considered as the "king of gems" by the ancient Hindus, the ruby is a splendid deep red colored stone that symbolizes protection and harmony. It is very similar to the garnet, as it was also believed to bring strength to the wearer and protect them from evil.

                                    Ruby red birth stone gemstone surrounded by clear diamonds on a black background

The name of the gem comes from the Latin word "tuber" which actually means red. Today, this beautiful stone signifies passion and love.

August: Peridot

Peridot is the August birthstone, and definitely one of the most unique ones. The gem is light green colored and it is even visible in the dark. Due to this, the peridot is thought to scare away evil spirits at night.

Another interesting fact related to its fascinating color is that because of it, the stone sometimes is called "evening emerald".          

                                    Peridot birth stone pendant necklace


Today, this amazing gem in the color of lime represents good fortune, happiness, and peace. It can also be used for reducing anger and stress.

September:  Sapphire

The sapphire, as the birthstone for September, was once believed to guard the wearers against poisoning and evil.

                            Sapphire birth stone hair pins and rings with clear diamond

The gem represents faith, wisdom, and purity. Due to this, there is no wonder why the sapphire is so commonly used for engagement rings.

Back in time, the sapphire was the favorite stone of kings and priests and that is where its representation comes from. This gemstone is even believed to have powers and reduce pain. The sapphires come in many different numbers but the blue sapphire is the one considered a birthstone for the people born in September.

October: Opal

Similar to the peridot, the opal as a stone is extremely uncommon and unique because of its ability to change colors in different lights and angles.          

                                           Opal birth stone

In ancient times, the people believed the gem fell from heaven as a result of lightning striking the Earth.

The word of the stone originates from the Latin word "opalus" which means "precious jewel". The opal, October birthstone, represents innocence and hope and is believed to bring health and happiness to its wearer.

November:  Topaz

The November birthstone, topaz is a gem that represents friendship and consistency.

The stone also symbolizes affection and love, therefore commonly used in jewelry pieces gifted to loved ones. Wearing topaz around the is believed to increase the intellect and strength of the wearer.

                                   Topaz birth stone

The topaz is most popular in its orange version, but the gem comes in various other colors including blue, green, gold, and red.

December: Turquoise

The turquoise, as a birthstone for the ones born in December, is considered a love charm. The beautiful turquoise gem, that carries the same name as the color, is thought to bring good fortune and happiness to any wearer. It symbolizes friendship and success. In order for this stone to be formed, the aluminum and copper compounds are required to work together.            

                                    Turquoise birth stone necklace


That is why this gem embodies friendship as well. Some turquoise jewelry pieces made of this stone, particularly rings, are believed to keep evil spirits away.